Sunday, December 31, 2006

Photos from Stephanie

Thanks, Stephanie, for these photos of Cheryl at the hospital...

A few days after Christmas... holding Bridget's Chrissie present :-)

The IV line that was quite sore and giving her trouble,
now replaced with the PICC line.

Cheryl's room looks very Christmassy.
She really appreciated all the gifts and what the tree and cards
contribute to an otherwise depressing hospital room.

This and the next three pics are of some of the beautiful flowers and gifts Cher has received. They were a terrific boost to her. She was so proud of them and they definitely helped her realize that she is not alone. She was very touched by the thoughtfulness.

This is her very famous pole dancing pole in the bathroom.
She says she will be practicing after her operation.
It might be her new career!

The pink beanie baby is her mascot.
It has a very pretty poem attached to it.

The famous liquid turkey dinner!

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