Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Ready for Op - all systems go!

Hi everyone... I just spoke with Cheryl and she is all ready for the operation tomorrow. She has been waiting since 7:30 this morning for her CAT scan and it is now 4 pm. So she is a little frustrated as she has not been able to even have a sip of water during this time. The CAT scan will tell if the infection has cleared up; but even if it is not as good as they would like, the docs will still go ahead with the operation tomorrow. Cheryl will head down to the operating theatre at around 11 am tomorrow and expects the operation will take place early afternoon. It will be a 3-4 hour operation. She will be turning her phone off as of tomorrow morning. Dad Bill will be reporting to me as soon as he can on how Cheryl is doing post-op, and I will immediately post that info here.

  • Susan and Linda Boyd for the beautiful flower arrangement - calalilies and orchid.
  • Michael Cliff for the darling miniature roses.

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