Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - The Busy Canuck!

Happy Spring, Blogmates!

I know, I know... 2 weeks has gone by!! Where the heck have I been?? You know, call me naive, or maybe just self-delusional but back in the day when I was working a day job, my hours were pretty predictable. Up at some ungodly hour like 5am, get ready for work, take the dog out for her morning walk (in the winter, this was still when it was pitch black out), bring the dog home, then walk to work as the sun was rising. Gee, does this sound like the start of a book? At least the beginnings of a McDonald's commercial, no??? Then, after work there would be the walk home, get the dog, take her for her after work walk, bring her home feed her and THEN my day would begin with whatever interests I had (mostly involving theatre). So during the 36 years of my work career, I used to always fantasize what it would be like when one retires. There would be all this "free" time that was not involved with getting to, getting from, or the 8-9 working hours! What would I do to fill up all this time??

Well, you heard it hear... there IS no free time, even after one retires!! Ok, one great thing... I don't have to get up at 5am . Both the dog and I are very pleased about that. She is not a morning doggy... and does not want to even see outside until 10am. I do a big better than her... I am usually awake by 7:30am but don't actually crawl out of bed until 9'ish. That is my one self-indulgence of being retired... not having to be up at the crack of dawn! But the rest of the day and evening is constantly filled with stuff! I swear I am busier now than when I tried to fit theatre around my work hours.

Soooo... what has kept me so busy this past two weeks that I haven't been around to do a blog entry?? Well, thank you for asking!! :D For starters, after 3 or so years with not having been affected by any of the cold or flu bugs that go around every season, my number came up... and I got hit with a cold/bronchial bug 2 weeks ago... and yes, I'm STILL fighting it, although tonight I actually almost feel like it's gone. Last night, totally different story... I thought I'd NEVER get rid of it, but tonight, I'm feeling quite human ;)

But I couldn't even wallow in my self-pity because I was too busy!! Arrrgh!! On Apr 3, we opened the show "Opening Night" by Norm Foster. A Canadian comedy by Canada's most prolific playwrights. Norm is Canada's "Neil Simon", and yes, he does write some pretty funny stuff. Needless to say, he was out here in BC, actually starring at the Vancouver Playhouse in one of his own comedies. Well, I got together with the Playhouse's publicist and through talks, emails, etc. managed to arrange for Norm Foster to come out to two of our rehearsals to work with our director and cast... and then the big coup, to come to the matinee performance this past Sunday (Apr 11) and participate in a Talkback Session with the audience. For this session, I arranged for Vancouver's Jerry Wasserman (UBC Professor of English and Theatre, actor, author and was the Province's theatre critic) to be the facilitator of this session. So, I have been pretty busy arranging for all the bits and pieces to run smoothly, have the stage set up right after the performance, lighting, etc, someone to announce and welcome our two guests, etc. Meanwhile, I was also chauffeur driving Norm Foster to/from rehearsals and then to/from the theatre on Sunday.

It was one of the most wonderful events! Norm is a very, very funny guy and who knew that playwrights actually have a fan base. Lots of people who came on Sunday had seen him in the show at the Playhouse, so came to our show, with the intention of hearing him speak about himself, his writings, his experiences, etc. He is such a down to earth nice guy and has the best sense of humour. Jerry also is very funny and so smart, so he was the perfect person to be the facilitator... and the two of them were great together. The audience who had watched the show (2 hours) and then the talkback session (1 hour) were all ready to sit for another couple of hours to listen to these two! After it was over, many of them all wanted autographs on their program... it was really heartwarming to see such support of one of Canada's own writers.

Meanwhile (keeping in mind I'm trying to find some time to feel sorry for myself and wallow in self-pity because of this dratted cold) we are in the midst of auditions for TUTS for our two summer musicals -- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Singin' in the Rain.

Then let's not forget, there are still two shows remaining in Metro's 2009/2010 season, so I've got my Publicity schedule going at full throttle... not to mention the new 2010/2011 season has been finalized, so I have hours of work to do with updating the website (http://metrotheatre.org). Hahaha... it's one of those periods where the day of the week doesn't necessarily give me a clue as to where I am or what theatre I am working on... sometimes it can be quite funny ;)

And add to that... I think Spring is now here to stay in all it's different moods. When it's nice out, it's REALLY nice out! But when the low systems come in, watch out because it can bring everything from rain, wind, hail and storms.

Healthwise... well, my main complaint right now is this darn cold/bronchial bug, but if tonight is any indication, it may soon be over. I tell you, having experienced many different afflictions, I have to say that the cold/bronchial bug is way worse (as far as discomfort and feeling horrible) than anything serious I've had. The only exception might be the surgery to remove the adrenal gland.. not THAT was painful and painful for a good 3 weeks after I got home. But a cold/bronchial cough comes in a fairly close second place in the scale of discomfort ;)

So, I don't really have any new pictures... hmmm, not sure what I've been taking pictures of lately, other than a few rehearsal shots. I did change my profile picture here on the blog to this one:

This one is of Jerry Wasserman (left), me, and Norm Foster. Hahaha... I have never considered myself "short" before... but I feel downright petite! :)

I'll try to get some more photos for the next entry but I better not promise...otherwise who knows WHEN the next entry would be LOL! But I must admit, I'm missing out on all the Spring photo opportunities!

Oh, and I forgot... I also took another Voiceover workshop. This one was with Diana Kaarina who was our Millie in last summer's "Thoroughly Modern Millie". It was unfortunate that the timing was this past Saturday since I sounded like a frog . But I am also going to take a cartoon voiceover workshop over in North Van, where I did a 2-day workshop last year. I'm not sure how well I'd ever do... I realize there has to be a lot of practice, and really working on a number of different voices to put together a demo tape. And that requires time... something I seem to be in short supply of these days. BUT, it's fun to take the classes and learn new things about the industry each time. So, between my administrative involvement with TUTS, being Publicist for Metro Theatre, and my interest in voiceover classes and practice... I have no idea where I would ever be able to squeeze in a job.

Ain't Retirement grand??? :D