Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday, May 26th, 2008 - A new week

Hiya Bloggy,

Well, hahaha - let's see if I can make this a short entry! I know I have tried in the past and have yet to succeed so I'm not sure why today would be any different ;)

First order of business... the surgery. No, I do not have a date, but Dr. Gill did get a hold of Dr. Meneghetti, bypassing the front desk. Where we stand right now is that Dr. Meneghetti is booked solid for the next month, so we are looking at the beginning of July. He is in high demand, which is also why we want him to do the surgery since he is the cream of the crop when it comes to this kind of surgery. I could go to another surgeon who doesn't have the same reputation and I have to admit, I don't want to risk that. Dr. Gill did assure me that I don't have to worry about these extra weeks because the adrenal tumour has been stable for so long. Dr. Gill has always known what she was talking about so if she says I don't have to worry, then I'm not going to worry.

Bridget is also getting better. She is now on a prescription "medium" fibre canned food, whereas earlier this past week she was on a prescription "high" fibre canned food. Needless to say, the high fibre definitely did the trick and stopped the diarrhea she was experiencing... and the medication (1/2 pill twice/day) seems to be clearing up the inflammation. She no longer seems to be in any kind of pain or discomfort (phew!). She will have to stay on the food and meds for awhile longer, just to make sure it is cleared up.

I am just about to pack up a lunch and then Bridget and I will be heading down to the TUTS office to volunteer for the afternoon. I can't believe the shows will both open in just over 6 weeks!! Yikes! That means, summer will be here!!

Today, I'm suffering big time with arthritis pain... damn that arthritis!! But, I figure we can handle going to the TUTS office because, it's not as if we will be doing a lot of physical moving around. We will come home in the later afternoon and Bridget will more than likely go out for a nice long walk with Toby. Me, I'm going to get dressed and ready to go to a benefit concert that will be held at the Stanley theatre. A bunch of theatre (musical comedy) friends are involved with putting it on, and the proceeds will be going to the BC Cancer Foundation. So a good cause and it should be a fun evening!

Oh... and the big success story this weekend -- after years of whining about my clothes closet in the bedroom, I finally bit the bullet and went through the closet!! I did a huge weeding out of clothes... the to the tune of having 65 empty hangers by the time I took stuff out. I am in the process of folding up these clothes items as they will be taken to a Women's Shelter. My neighbour, Jenn, is taking a load of her own, so will take mine with her load. I can actually move clothes around now in the closet... something I couldn't do before. I still have too many in the closet, but it certainly beats what I've been having to go through all these years... I'm THRILLED to have this done!! Hahaha... it took me two days to get through what I did get through... so that could also explain why the joints/arthritis is acting up big time today!! :D

Ok... I'm not sure that this could be considered a short entry by any stretch, but I think it's shorter than normal!! :D

Ciao for now!