Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wed August 19th, 2009 - Proper Entry to Follow!

Ack!! My poor bloggy readers!! I have been so remiss in not keeping bloggy up to date!! And there's a very good reason for that that is NOT health-related!! I have been working (ok, volunteering) for TWO different theatre jobs... Theatre Under the Stars and Metro Theatre, which keeps me going about 18 hours/day between the two of them!

But seriously... I promise to come back and do a proper blog entry, with pics! Today is my day off from TUTS. This morning I'm off to my doc to get some prescription refills (of which I've run completely out of), then I'm going to treat myself out for a late breakfast with a book!! I'm going to be lazy and read a book while having a leisurely Wednesday Brunch. I will be home for this afternoon then it's off to meet Nancie for a quick dinner and then off to Presentation House to see RENT (the musical). So this is my "I don't have to do anything day today"... then it's back to the 18 hour days. BUT, TUTS closes this weekend... so come Sunday, I will crash for one day, then get organized on Monday to what having a normal life is like :)

I will try to get the more detailed entry done this afternoon... between brunch and dinner

Hope everyone is having a terrific summer!!