Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, Feb 11th, 2010 -- the evening before!

Hiya Bloggers!

Well, it's here... the Olympics have now arrived! It is actually the wee hours of the morning on Friday, Feb 12th.... which will be the end of the Journey Home of the Olympic Torch! This is the longest torch relay in Olympic history and it comes to an end tonight. The torch is now in Vancouver and will continue to be making it's rounds tomorrow, ending up in BC place to a crowd of 60,000 in the stadium and billions watching on TV!

I saw the first of two dress rehearsals of the Opening Ceremonies this past Monday night. In a word -- WOW!! I'll be the first to admit, I was a little leary about weather or not Vancouver/Canada could pull this off. Oh sure, I know we have very talented people in the entertainment industry and where we might feel we need help, we have no qualms about asking for the best to come help us... but still, could we pull this off? So I went to the rehearsal with trepidation and excitement... both :)

Well, they weren't kidding when they say security is tight ;) To get near the stadium, you had to walk about 4 blocks. Even taxis could not take you any closer. Then once you walked the 4 blocks, you had to go through security... just like going through airport security. Bags/purses were manually checked and put through a scanner, as well, everyone had to go through a metal detector.

Once through security, it was the equivalent of a 2 block walk up and into the stadium. By now, I'm really feeling it. This was the reality I needed to realize just how bad my mobility challenges are. It's not because of huffing/puffing or being out of breath. That part I was fine with. It's the actual physical pain of two feet that are badly nerve-damaged and arthritis in both knees, ankles and the bones in the feet.

Oh well... I did make it in, and had a hell of an adventure getting out of the stadium when it was all over... but the show I saw between getting there and leaving was unbelievable! I could try and describe it all here, but then I'd have to kill you :D It's amazing how everyone involved with the show signed a waiver that they would not tell anyone what the show was about, not even what their role in it would be. Then, before it started, David Aitkin, the head honcho organizer spoke to the audience and asked for us to be just as secretive as the performers... so that those with tickets for Friday night and the billions of tv viewers will see the show for the first time with no leaks of what was going to happen. So I'm keeping my silence... it's just a matter of hours and you all will be able to see it too!

Is it worth watching?? It most certainly is!! A combination of talent, design, and technology... it's just amazing!

Now, I have to get to bed because I have set my alarm for 6am. Yes, the torch relay is going to be coming right down to the beach across the street from my place... to go to the Inukshuk which the Olympic logo is based on. Then it will be coming up from the beach and up the road beside my building... so I must be up to watch this. They have been setting up tents in the little park across the street from me because the plan is they will have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a pancake breakfast :) All of this and I just have to step out the front or back door... which I plan on doing with my neighbours :)

Soooo... more to come about the relay tomorrow :)

Ciao for now!!