Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, Jan 24, 2010 - Gasp... I'm back!

Hahaha... yes, I know, it's a shocker!! Two entries in a row... with only what, 24 hours between the two? This is my new resolution, remember? To try and get here more often :)

Well, I got home a couple of hours ago after going out to North Delta to visit Dad today. I realized that if I didn't get out there this weekend, then I wouldn't be able to get out to see him until after the Olympics AND the Paralympics, which takes us into March. With all the various road closures, getting out of the city is going to be difficult, but more so, getting out of the downtown core (or getting back into it). So why put oneself through the stress? The car will just stay at home in the carport, except for the little jaunts around the neighbourhood such as getting to the TUTS office, grocery shopping, running errands, etc.

Hahaha, Erin (my sister) was out at Dad's today too. She won't have the same trouble getting to Dad's since she lives in Richmond (suburb of Vancouver)... although I wouldn't be surprised if the local highways have some serious traffic problems since all highways lead into/out of Vancouver :)

Erin, Dad and I had a hoot playing Wii Bowling and Wii Golf. Hahaha... I may be sore in the morning after a couple of hours of Wii ;) And oh the humiliation of being beaten at both games by Dad, who will be 86 yrs. old in March ;) Bridget, meanwhile, was fine snoozing on one of the armchairs until Buster finished his dinner and came downstairs. She yelled at him a couple of times but when he barked because he wanted to play, his deep labrador bark scared her... so, into the bedroom she went and we closed the door. She was happy being in a closed room where Buster could not reach her :)

Well, I had to laugh (although, in hindsight, I'm not sure it's all that funny) but my sister was telling me about her experience with the City's organization of the LiveDowntown and LiveYaletown sites. The LiveDowntown site will be all about the sports. That's where they will have the huge screens with the sports being televised "Live"... there will be a huge outdoor screen that anyone can go and watch... and here will be a huge indoor screen, which will be a licensed venue so you must be 19yrs of age or older because it will be one big pub (I think this will be a really popular venue and I'd like to check this one out). Both the LiveDowntown and LiveYaletown (where there will be live bands, performers, dance, and all versions of performing arts) will be open from morning until 11pm... and all city employees were given the option of working with these City venues instead of their own jobs. They need 600 employees to staff both areas.

This is where I had to laugh. All 600 had to go for their "fittings" because everyone will be wearing an Olympic uniform. But once all the fittings had been done... someone, somewhere lost the database with all the information about the fittings. So when the uniforms were given out, it was the luck of the draw what you got. Erin requested a Ladies Medium.... and got a Men's XLarge . No one got the right size unless purely by fluke. So now there's this huge exchange where people are trying to trade their uniforms with someone who had it in their size.

Then came the scheduling. They were all asked to put, in order of preference, where they would like to work, and what time slots (shifts). Well, it didn't matter what you selected, you got the total opposite. So staff are all saying they don't want to do the Olympic shifts and will just go to work at their regular jobs... so the organizers are scrambling to get this all sorted out (with only two weeks to to??)

Oh... and the biggie! I have not seen this written ANYWHERE but at these two "Live" venues, people are not allowed to bring umbrellas into the venues. Hello?? This is Vancouver... umbrellas are like an additional limb to us. And considering this will be February... hello... rain in February is totally expected. So there's nowhere to check your umbrellas, but you are not allowed to bring one in... uh, just what do they think people are going to do, throw them out? It is going to be interesting how they enforce this one :)

Might I add here, that this is not the organizers of the whole Olympics, but just the organization of the venues run by the City ;)

Here is the link to the City's website for the Olympics:

So, let the games begin... or actually, maybe not... the organization games have already begun . I just hope it all gets cleared up and everything is in place for when the games open and the world is watching.

I just finished watching the US Nationals Figure Skating. The US Olympic team has now been picked based on this competition. It was so weird hearing the commentators, on the one hand, talking about the Nationals and the competitors and on the other hand, mentioning the Olympics in Vancouver every couple of words. That these kids, the National Champions, will be going to Vancouver to represent the USA. Vancouver this and Vancouver that... hey, this is my home city they are talking about! :D

Anywho... I know for those of you who live locally, you all have heard nonstop Olympic plans, bios, road closure info, etc. for weeks now. And if you are anywhere near the downtown core, you can actually start to feel the electric buzz that Vancouver is about to host a huge party... one that lasts 18 days :) For those of you who live out of town, or down in the US... I'm not sure if you have started hearing Olympic talk yet. I know NBC is going to be the Olympic channel for the US... and CTV is the Canadian Olympic network.

I hope everyone who reads this blog will be watching some of the Olympics and will check in here with their thoughts and comments :) I just realized that a blog is meant for discussion... hence that's what the comments feature is all about :) So please do feel free to use it and add your .25 worth :)