Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007 -- Long, Long overdue!

Hello Bloggy!

Ok, ok... don't anyone say a word! Yes, I KNOW Bloggy is very much out of date! I didn't even look at the last entry because I know it was a long time ago. Back when it was sunny and we were getting ready to open the 2007 Theatre Under The Stars season. Well, we are now open... we've been running for just over a week now... and already (grrrrrrr) we have had to cancel two shows due to heavy rain. Actually 3 shows were officially called, but last night, the cast of Oklahoma! decided they wanted to perform for the 200 or so hearty souls that came out in the monsoons to watch the show. It's very disappointing to both casts when a performance has to be cancelled... not to mention to the audience who have tickets and the tourists who are only in town for a short time. Oh sure, we honour all rained out tickets and they can come to any other performance during the run, but it still is disappointing... and yes, costs lost revenue!!

Anywho... I have been thrilled to be involved with the gang this year. For a couple of reasons. The first being that I love musical comedy and always miss it when I'm not involved. The second, the fact I get to spend this time with some very dear friends who I have known in our theatre circles going back 30 years... that's pretty special to still be together this many years later. Also, considering I am still going through my chemo treatments, although I have to do a balancing act so I don't overtire myself, it is a great support system. The whole gang down there act like mother hens (grin), so IF I am doing a little more than maybe I should, it doesn't take long for someone to jump on top of things and get me to stop :)

Soooo... I am happy to be occupied this summer with two musical productions, which both happen to be a lot of fun and of a good standard.

I also have started up my two aggressive chemo treatments again. This first session was this past Monday. I'm actually very pleased with myself... it has gone pretty darn good! Mild nausea, but nothing that the anti-nausea meds couldn't take care of. Yes, I have been tired, but not super fatigued, so is the tired from the chemo or just because I'm stimulating my chemo brain with box office procedures?

The only major complaint I have right now are my chemo feet :/ OWWWWWWW!!! The pain is kind of hard to describe. It's all internal and feels like one is walking on a dozen or more tacks in each heel. It may start off ok, but then within a block or so, the pain sets in... and the walking turns into a shuffle... then a slow shuffle... meanwhile the feet are in pain the whole time. Gone are the days where Bridget and I could just go walking. Heck, that was going to be one of our plans to walk from our place to the theatre in the park, which is about a 1 1/2 mile walk from door to door. Not a chance I can do that now. It is quite the challenge just to get Bridget out and around one block in the mornings. Another bonus of being down at the Park during the day/evening... there are plenty of the gang who are thrilled to take Bridget for a walkie in the park.

Sooooo... the chemo feet are probably going to take some time to heal (and heal they better!!). It could be a matter of starting to heal after we stop the chemo, or it may be a gradual return to painfree feet over the course of a year or so :/

Speaking of chemo... the plan after the radiation sessions was to have a 3 week break and then we'd do 4 chemo sessions (consisting of 4 hours of the one aggressive chemo and 46 hours of the second aggressive one), then repeat every two weeks. This would take me until the middle of September. Dr. Gill (oncologist) and I had an appt. a week ago and she said that she would like me to do 6 more sessions if my system and blood cells could handle it. She said that if we did the two extra sessions, it would be beneficial to me. Hey? Who am I to argue?? The whole purpose of this aggressive treatment is so I survive this whole ordeal! Survival is definitely important in my books :)

My blood work that was done before Monday's chemo was excellent! She was super impressed and pleased with how healthy my bone marrow is and how quickly it is replenishing the blood cells that the chemo kills off. It's almost replenishing them at the same rate of speed :) So, this is a good thing... as long as that blood work remains good, then we can continue on with the treatments plus the extra treatments :)

Now, some not so happy news :( My dear little bird, C.B. is not doing well. I noticed yesterday that she seemed to be breathing heavy. I thought it might be because it is very humid these days, what with the mild temperatures and all the rain we've been getting. She is a special needs bird, after all. But then, one shouldn't really see a bird breathing, it shouldn't be laboured. So, I made an appt. for her to see the Bird Doc, Dr. MacDonald this afternoon. Mimi took her in since I had to be at the theatre to get tickets ready for the show tonight.

Not good news. CB's abdomen appears to be full of fluid and an ultrasound showed that it could be a cyst of some sort. Not sure if it is benign or not. So, I talked to the Dr. on the phone and asked what we could do, if anything. She doesn't think it looks too good since CB does have her share of health issues. Dr. M. was going to drain the fluid out and see if that will make her more comfortable and give her a better quality of life. If that doesn't work, we may be looking at putting CB down. Mimi is very upset and I'm just taking it as it comes. My main concern is that she does NOT suffer. She has so much character and has always been a little fighter. She has come through a lot in her 18 years. If she still has fight left in her, then I'll do whatever it takes to make her comfortable through her fight... but if it means she will spend the rest of her little life suffering, then I'll have to make the decision us pet owners hate to make. I'll know more in the morning when I call the birdy hospital.

Sooooo...that's it for now! I WILL try to update a little more often and hopefully get some more pictures going. But it's kind of a crazy, insane time these days! I don't have my datebook handy but I know I have also scheduled "rest days" (grin) and maybe I can catch up on a rest day :)

Ciao for now!