Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 Wednesdays, Wednesdays :)

Hiya Blogmates!

Yep, it's me checking in again. This time, I don't have a lot to report on so I guess that is a good thing. Yesterday was a chemo day and the day before, Monday, was blood work and my oncologist appt. The blood work went fine and then I had 1 1/2 hours to kill before my onc appt. So I decided to take the car and getting washed... it was filthy and has been for some time. So off to the car wash I went. Of course, wouldn't you know it when I came back yesterday it was raining! Arrrgh! So my clean car only had 1 day of being clean! But it was about the onc appt... I was not a happy camper. My appt was for 4pm... and wouldn't you know it, Dr. Gill was running behind schedule. Now that doesn't surprise me at the end of a day, and I don't really think it's anyone's fault... stuff happens that you weren't counting on, or an appt. takes longer than you had planned for. They also had interns/students working this week, so that could slow things down as well. I figure a half hour is about the max you should ever keep a patient waiting, no matter what your specialty (this goes for Family Doctors as well). But TWO HOURS??? That is just so totally not acceptable. And as far as I'm concerned, when the nurse comes to the waiting room and calls your name, it should be at that point she/he tells you that the doctor is running very late. If I had known I had 2 hours to wait, I could have left the building, done some running around and then come back. But to sit in the small consultation room for two hours, thinking any minute she's bound to come in... I was a wreck by the time she came in. Before I could say anything and I really was going to give a piece of my mind, she apologized profusely and said that this should never have happened. In future, I am to call the clinic and ask to be put through to ACU and find out if everything is on time... and if it's not, then not come in until it is. I told her that I was so stressed out now because of the wait, and the build up of anxiety... that I couldn't even remember what questions I had and what I wanted to ask her. So we went over some stuff, got prescription refills and was good to go for the Chemo on Tuesday. My blood cells are in the normal range so they obviously bounced back. CEA won't be ready for a day or two so I'm not sure how it is right now, but when she gets it she's going to email me.

Sooooo, yesterday was chemo and today I'm not exhausted but I am tired. So I've just stayed at home and napped and played on the computer. I am totally going to rest at home for today, Thurs, Fri and Saturday because Saturday night is the opening night of 42nd STREET... and I INSIST on being there, no matter how tired I might be! I've worked really hard on this show, getting the word out and filling the theatre for opening night, despite the lack of co-operation with one or two folk.

Now, it's about Miss Bridget! She has given me a scare or two over the last two weeks. The day after my last chemo, Bridget had a flareup (bad one) of colitis. That was really, really scary and I had to rush her to the vet, even though technically I"m not sure I should have been out and about. But there you have it... we do what we have to do for our little darlin's. Well, we had a rough couple of days and eating/drinking was not one of her priorities. But eventually she did start eating/drinking on her own, so I thought we were over the worst of it... but then she had another flareup the next week. Sheesh! This week she's doing great... totally back to normal! So I've started giving her her normal eats... but I guess the tummy is not quite ready for them, even though her eyes tell her she is. So, I'm cutting back again ... and we are just being really careful. Better to err on the careful side. Hahaha... I know she's not doing too badly because she is talking to me and telling me she wants to go to bed BUT she knows she has to be taken outside for a pee before she goes to bed for the night ;) So guess who is telling me she wants to go outside?? I told her to wait just a few more minutes!

Oh, and one more thing before I end off. A shout out to Applause Musicals Society. They are a group who take old musicals that have either not been produced in Vancouver or it's been a long time since they have... and they do them in a concert format. Beautiful productions and a chance of hearing some of this old music sung by talented performers. Well Applause musicals in conjunction with Western Gold Theatre (a group that does shows for older, retired professional performers) and Fighting Chance Productions (a group that does newer, modern shows using the young up and coming performers) put on the most wonderful cabaret on Sunday for World Theatre Day!! It was truly magical and was done at the PAL Theatre, here in Coal Harbour. I loved every minute of it!! Here's a picture that my friend, Alana took of me at the event:

I beez a happy camper... in my element surrounded by magical, wonderful people!

Now I took a heap of pictures and have uploaded them to an album on my Facebook called World Theatre Day 2011. Since most of you are on Facebook, you just have to to to my profile and check on Photos to find the album.

Well, it is going on 10pm so I think I have time to do up the dishes in the sink then take Bridget outside. Hehehe... this is the routine evening pit stop and she has it down pat. She goes out to the back lane, pees, and then wants right back in. No detour, no walk up the lane or around to the front. She has her spot, she does her business and then right back to the back door, thank you very much :D

Hehehe... I WAS going to bake a batch of those Cheese Cookies... have been meaning to for days! But I just haven't gotten around to it... and starting them at 10pm? I don't think so. Maybe tomorrow :D

Until later!!