Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24th, 2008 - The tan is peeling!

Hiya sunburned Bloggy!

Waaaaah! My hard earned tan is peeling big time! As a matter of fact, there are certain parts of me that look like they have leprosy! Ack!! In particular... my hands. Have you ever heard of hands peeling from getting too much sun?? It's never happened to me before... likewise my legs and feet. I have never had them peel like that and when I do peel, it's usually when I get home and my skin goes into shock with the change in temps . Heaven only knows what I'm going to look like when I get home!! Hahahaha!

Well, Peggy took this picture of me today down at the Hale Koa beach. The one thing about getting your picture taken while in the sun, you don't look like you have much of a tan!!

See? It doesn't look like I have much of a tan... but I do! Really! :D But it is peeling and I have to admit that my skin is reacting sooo differently than in past years. Amazing!

Oh, here's a picture that was taken tonight... this shows a bit more of the tan, at least on the face. This picture was taken at California Pizza... yes, we went there again tonight. Joe (gee, can you guess which one is Joe?) is leaving tomorrow, so here he is surrounded by his harem... he should be so lucky!!! :)

In the picture, from left to right is moi in the pink, Marilyn, Peggy and Buddha (Colleen). Joe, of course, is in the middle.

Oh... Chet left a comment on the last blog entry and a couple of you did in email, wanting to see the turtle necklace that I fell in love with. Ok, here is a picture of it, but unfortunately, with the flash, it doesn't show the pink gold... and the chain looks a little thick. It is really a dainty chain and the turtles are very dainty and feminine...

Aren't they just the cutest little turtles?

Oops... now I'm backtracking here. Yesterday (Wednesday), when we were on Waikiki Beach, Peggy and Doug went surfing! Peggy had tried it a few times before, but Doug had never been. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures of them out on the waves on their boards because they are too far away from the shore for the camera to pick them up. But here is a picture of the two of them dressed and ready to go :)

They both had a lot of fun and did really well! Both got up numerous times and rode a wave in... and both have the bruises today to show for it :)

Well, today I was out in the sun most of the day which could explain the "glow" I'm wearing tonight ;) Joe kept telling my my "tan" was red. I told him he was colour-blind .

So, tomorrow is another day, although the weather folk here are still calling for rain on the weekend. Around here, that can mean anything from monsoons to hot sun. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Well, no words of wisdon to part with... I think I'm just going to head to bed with my book and watch David Letterman :)



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 - Shopping!

Hello Bloggy,

And everyone else who may be reading along! Hehehe... ok, tonight, I'm being real lazy and not posting any pictures. I can't remember if I've taken any recently but I've already packed my camera in my beach bag for tomorrow and I was about to go to bed to read my book... when I decided to throw in an entry on Bloggy :) So, if I do have some pictures to share, I'll just have to catch up later .

The last blog entry was on Saturday, so yes, I'm sure I have more pictures... what I took them of, I really can't remember LOL!! BUT, I do remember that on Sunday the whole gang went on the catamaran for a 10:30am sail. It was, as usual, BEAUTIFUL!! The sail itself and being so low and close to the water is an amazing experience on it's own... but then add in a beautiful, sunny, warm day, with tropical blue waters and... can it get any better? Yes it can!! John was the first to notice, off to the left was a big, old whale!! At first, when it came up to the surface, it looked like it was a solid gray... but then it flapped it's big old tail and you could see it was an Orca with the definitely black and white markings. Truly beautiful!!

Yesterday (Monday), we all were down at the Hale Koa beach. Again, another beautiful, hot, day. We were all behaving quite nicely... but then (and I'm sure it was Ron that started it)... a water/ice war broke out!! Down at the Hale Koa we get kind of spoit by having beach umbrellas, chaise lounge chairs and buckets of ice to keep our bottles of water cold. Well, that ice eventually melts and we have lots of buckets of ice WATER... which is just too tempting for some of them. Like I say, I think Ron started the war with chasing Evan and throwing the first bucket of water... then Evan went after Ron, then Peggy joined in and before you knew it... water was being thrown at everyone. I, being the handicapped person who couldn't get off the chaise lounge and run, felt quite secure that I was safe... after all, who would be so mean as to throw a bucket of ice water on a helpless person who couldn't fend for herself? No one, right? WRONG!! Both Ron and Peggy got me at the same time!! HAHAHAHAHA!! And I couldn't even retaliate!!! I WILL get even!! Just you wait!!! :)

Let's see... today, we were down at Waikiki Beach... in our usual spot in front of Duke's. Again, another beautiful day with the trade winds happening. I like it when there is some breeze...otherwise, it gets just too damn hot!! It was hot, but a lot easier to take when there's a breeze ;) So not much happened today... just sitting out with the gang on the beach and yes, I did go into the water again! I love it in the water... it is the one time when all my joint and muscle pain just disappears. I feel like I can walk, jump, and do things with my limbs that I can't do when I'm out of the water and in chronic pain. So I stayed in for quite awhile today, even though, with the breeze, it was chilly being in the water :) I did need help when I was getting out of the water and had to get up that one step of sand at the shore line. That's where the waves break and for me, it's just a little too tricky stepping up and being hit by a wave at the same time. That is frustrating that I can't just walk up like everyone else.

Ok... now, tonight, I actually had more energy than I've had this whole trip in the evening. So after I showered and got dressed, I headed out to get something to eat and check a few of the shops on the new section of Lewers St. Oh-Oh! There is one clothing shop called "Blue Ginger" that has real cute clothes in wonderful tropical fabrics/prints. I ended up buying this lovely, comfortable sundress in a light green, leafy print. It has all smocking on the top and then non-smocking on the bottom. It is ankle-length which is actually very nice, but since it is exactly what I was looking for for Jeff and Helen's wedding back at home in July (our summer), I think I may take it to my seamstress and have her cut and hem it to just below knee length.

Then, on the same street, there was this jewellery store. There are a kajillion jewellery stores in Waikiki, but what caught my eye was this necklace in the window. It was a pinky/gold chain with a pinky/gold charm in the shape of an outline of a turtle holding onto a baby turtle. Across the back of the turtle is a row of small diamonds. So feminine and cute... I totally fell in love with it!! I just had to have it... no matter what the cost :) So, I got it... and I'm thrilled with it!

Sooooo... that was my day! It's not 11pm so I'm off to bed to read my book :)