Friday, December 29, 2006

An update from Cheryl herself!

Hi all,

Not too much to report today. It appears all is going according to plan. I have now been in the hospital and on the IV antibiotics and IV vitamin therapy for 11 days. It appears to be pain off! I no longer have that intense pain that I’ve had since September. This is a sure sign the inflammation/infection is starting to clear up (keep those positive thoughts coming… it’s working!).

I have been having some IV/PICC line issues. It appears that I am one of those people who are “sensitive” to the IV and PICC line being put in my vein. My system doesn’t like having things poked in me and then left there. So my arms have reacted with inflammation and pain. But tonight, the PICC line expert came and fiddled around, changed the dressing, and took out the regular IV. So I’m now feeling much better (okay, so the oxycodone is helping big time, too J).

Dr Lam, my gastroenterologist, stopped by to visit me today. He went over the plan again. Since neither he nor Dr Brown could go past the blockage when they did the biopsies, Dr Lam will do a colonoscopy approximately six weeks after the surgery. Reason being, when Dr Brown does the surgery he will manually be checking my large intestine for any other possible tumours and a colonoscopy will then search for any possible abnormal cells within the intestine that could not be checked earlier.

So as you can see, I don’t have to worry… this team will have gone over everything with a fine-tooth comb, and then regular checkups for some time after.

So all is going well and according to plan and I am doing just fine.

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A message from Bob and Curt

Melinda, just a big Mahalo from the islands for keeping us up to speed...We love Cheryl and miss that we can't play this year... but as always we'll be waiting to play next year.
All our love to you both, Bob and Curt

A message from Kiki


Just wanted to thank you so much for all you're doing, in getting Cheryl's updates out to everyone.. It's much appreciated by everyone...

When you talk to her again, would you please tell her HI! from me, and that I'm keeping her in my thoughts and sending every good vibe, thought and healing visual to her, I can..

We're battening down here, for another BIG snow, as you deal with heat...LOL


Monday, December 25, 2006

Progress update from Melinda

Hi everyone and a Merry Christmas to all. Yes, it’s already all over her for another year.

I just spoke with Cheryl and she is sounding quite good. Things are nice at the hospital today (Christmas Day), with Christmas music and lots of visitors for Cher. Jo brought Bridget in for a visit. Bridget was soooo excited to see her mum, and then wanted to go home with mum. Bridget settled down, left Cher, and proceeded to visit other patients on the ward. Now she is back sprawled on Cheryl’s bed :-)

Cheryl has been having problems getting an IV in her arm (veins too thin), so they are going to put in a “pick” line. It’s a line that goes in the arm and comes out at the collarbone. With this one line, Cheryl can receive antibiotics, they can take blood, and she will also receive food supplements, all through this one line. Cheryl is shaking her head at the food supplements – a girl who has had to diet her whole life has to be force fed? LOL

Dr Brown came to visit this morning to wish Cher a Merry Christmas and to say he is still aiming for Jan 4 for the operation. This may be delayed a bit if Cheryl still needs more time on the antibiotics.


Thank you Jo for the Holiday pack of Jones Soda – new 2006 limited edition. Flavours are: turkey & gravy, sweet potatoes, dinner roll, pea, and antacid flavours (for after you’ve eaten too much)! What a riot! Cheryl hasn’t opened it yet and will have this for dinner tonight. Cheryl is really looking forward to all the turkey dinners she’s been promised for when she gets out of hospital (about 6 of them!).

Thanks to Metro Theatre for the flowers – a lovely spring bouquet, all kinds of colours.

Thank you to Holly Horwood for a gorgeous bottle of wine.

Thank you Joan Lynch (Bridget’s vet and Cher’s friend) – for a Natural Ionic Crystal. A tea light holder that is made from natural salt rock that is approximately 250 million years old! Should get rid of any negative vibes.

Happy Boxing Day, and stay safe through the holidays.