Friday, December 29, 2006

An update from Cheryl herself!

Hi all,

Not too much to report today. It appears all is going according to plan. I have now been in the hospital and on the IV antibiotics and IV vitamin therapy for 11 days. It appears to be pain off! I no longer have that intense pain that I’ve had since September. This is a sure sign the inflammation/infection is starting to clear up (keep those positive thoughts coming… it’s working!).

I have been having some IV/PICC line issues. It appears that I am one of those people who are “sensitive” to the IV and PICC line being put in my vein. My system doesn’t like having things poked in me and then left there. So my arms have reacted with inflammation and pain. But tonight, the PICC line expert came and fiddled around, changed the dressing, and took out the regular IV. So I’m now feeling much better (okay, so the oxycodone is helping big time, too J).

Dr Lam, my gastroenterologist, stopped by to visit me today. He went over the plan again. Since neither he nor Dr Brown could go past the blockage when they did the biopsies, Dr Lam will do a colonoscopy approximately six weeks after the surgery. Reason being, when Dr Brown does the surgery he will manually be checking my large intestine for any other possible tumours and a colonoscopy will then search for any possible abnormal cells within the intestine that could not be checked earlier.

So as you can see, I don’t have to worry… this team will have gone over everything with a fine-tooth comb, and then regular checkups for some time after.

So all is going well and according to plan and I am doing just fine.

Happy New Year!


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