Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday, November 23, 2007 - Sunny, cool days.

Hiya Bloggy,

Ok, so now we are getting to the point where entries are not weekly events. Hmmm, I really have to get a bit more diligent about these entries but I think it's kind of like email. I'm soooo far behind in email too, so I'm thinking that it must have something to do with less time being spent on the computer and more time spent out and about, as much as is physically possible.

The last blog entry I was whining about the pain in my legs. Well, I'm still whining about that! Grrrrrr!! I have since heard from others who have had long bouts of chemo treatments that they, too, have experienced pain in the legs post-chemo. Part of the reason for the pain is the swelling... my feet have swollen so much that I can't wear my shoes or sneakers. Even my crocs are not big enough for the swelling in the feet... hence I'm back to wearing flip-flops. Hmmm... not the best footwear as the weather is getting colder! Of course, there's also the arthritis in the knees, but combine that with swelling in the area of the shins, we are talking a lot of discomfort.

As of today, I have been put on a heavy duty diuretic to try and bring down the swelling. Apparently there is a lot of fluid retention, so hopefully the diuretic will eliminate that, hence eliminate some of the pain. We've noticed a lot of rapid weight gain (just what I need... NOT!). In the last 2 weeks I have gained 20 lbs!! Yikes!! And we were gaining throughout the chemo as well. This does NOT make me a happy camper at all!

But, enough whining. Apparently my circulation is good and there are no problems with my heart, so those are two good things... and two more things I don't have to worry about.

Meanwhile... have came will travel! I've been taking in a fair amount of shows this past 2 weeks. Let's see ... "Mary Me A Little" which is a Sondheim show was excellent. Tucked away in a little venue behind the Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive... it really was a little gem of a show. Then I went to a script reading at the Arts Club Revue Stage. The script was "The Fall of Sister Judy" written by local playwright Shawn MacDonald... and was very well done and received. Also, went to see "High School Musical" out at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver with Shel, Jill and Jaime. Talk about an energetic show!! 2 hours of sheer energy! Also went to see, in the same week, "Rejection 101" which was a workshopped musical written by Grant Hunter and directed by David C. Jones. Another local show that I was really impressed with. So it just goes to show there is lots of talent in this city!!

Next on the Agenda will be to go out and see a local production of "Side by Side" by Sondheim on Wednesday and at the beginning of December, "Suessical" produced by Carousel Theatre. Then I may have to take a break from seeing shows for a bit because we will be starting the Letters To Santa project on Dec 10th... ok, so I also have a few shows scheduled to see in December, but just not as many as I was seeing ;)

Now, you all keep your fingers crossed that my legs are feeling better tomorrow. It is the Christmas Craft Fair at the West End Community Centre and I want to go check it out for 2 reasons. 1) My friend, Maddalena, is going to have a table there where she is selling her line of jewelery so I want to check that out and 2) she has put the bug in my ear that I should be doing something with my photography. I'm thinking I should combine it with my scrapbooking interests and produce local cards... and may check out ideas of other card makers at this Fair.

No other news really to report at the moment. I did break down and buy the "medium" size suitcase of the set I reported on the last bloggy entry so now I have a set of three of them in the bronze/copper colour:

Bridget and CB are doing fine... they are such spoilt pets, but then isn't that what it's all about?? All pets should be spoilt!! Here's a picture of little CB in her aquarium...

And then the Diva, Bridget... who has not only taken over her pillows on the couch buy my pillows as well...

Oh, and let's not forget those rainy Vancouver days when she comes in from one of her walkies and insists on having her rain towel...

Well, I must dash now. I'm meeting Stephanie this afternoon so had better go get ready! Ciao for now and I hope everyone has a great weekend (belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends).