Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 - Catch Up

Dear Bloggy,

Oh, how I do like Week 2s!!! I feel so much better during Week 2 than Week 1 and feel I don't have to be constantly on guard for side affects :) Anywho, this Week 2 I'm making up for not being able to do much during Week 1. I do appear to be booked every night this week, which just goes to show my energy level is doing really well :) Dr. Gill had told me that whenever I felt up to it, I should be out and about. The more I can do on the "good days", the better because the activity alone helps with the healing... so I'm certainly living up to this on Week 2 (grin).

Yesterday, I think I mentioned I went into work to 1) pay a visit and 2) pick up the ink cartridges I had bought the last time I was visiting, but forgot them at the office! Not that they've done me any good. Grrrrrrrr! $75 in ink cartridges and I STILL can't get the $)#(*@ printer to print!!

Hahaha... now this cracks me up! I had every intention of taking pictures of all my co-workers yesterday. Well, at least the ones that were in the office when I was there. Somehow I managed to get a picture of Dave and Charmaine... sort of (grin), and forgot to take anymore!! How's that for a faulty memory??? (grin) So here you have Dave, with Charmaine hiding behind the wall. No, she is not that short... she's hiding from the camera and was not being cooperative!!

Yesterday I managed to get in 3 1/2 miles of walking. Some with Bridget, some by myself, like when I was coming home from the office visit. Then, last night, Mimi, Nathan, Robyn, Graie and I walked up Davie to go to Moxie's Classic Grille for dinner. We had a great evening! It's been a long time since all 5 of us have been able to get together, so we had lots of good laughs. Unfortunately, although I had my camera with me at the time, I forgot to get a picture of all of us! Arrrgh! Chemo Brain!!

Today, Bridget and I got another 3 miles of walking in over the course of the day. I hope to be able to keep this up on the good days. Well, it also helps that it's mild out and not raining! Not sure I will be doing 3 miles or more of walking on a cold, wet day ;)

Well, just our rotten luck! If you recall, last week Bridget got her grooming and oh my but doesn't she look sharp? Well, this afternoon we were coming home from our afternoon walkies.

We were literally about 10 feet from the carport door and this huge seagull, the size of a bald eagle, flew overhead and "SPLAT", poo'd on Bridget's back!! Of all the places for this seagull to poo, it had to land on Bridget's back??? The shame! The horror!! Look at this poor poo'd on darling!! So we had to have a little bath before I had to leave.

Tonight, Peggy and I FINALLY got together! We have been planning this for so long but what with her moving and my hit and miss good days, it has been hard to schedule. But get together we did! We went to Earl's on Lougheed Hwy. for dinner... what a neat restaurant that particular one is. We yakked and yakked and yakked... and laughed and laughed and laughed!

Uh... Peggy, if you are reading this... don't quit the day job and take up photography! HAHAHAHA! This is the picture Peggy tried taking of the two of us at the restaurant! Not one of either of our best shots!

The couple at the booth behind us took pity and he offered to take a picture which worked out much better (grin).

Now is it just my warped sense of humour or is that not hilarious that we had this huge bronze pig looking over our shoulder while we were eating dinner??? (grin) We just had to have a picture of us and Ms. Piggy becaus it's not every day we partake of the evening meal with a pig!! Hahahaha!!

And who was this lovely couple that saved us from Peggy's photographic talents? Well, here they are...Aren't they an adorable couple?? Of course, I must take their picture... I always take pictures when I remember!! Then I, of course, got her email address so that I can send her the picture once I got home! So now we have two new friends :)

From the restaurant, Peggy and I decided we'd do a quick trip to this Casino that was only 5 minutes away (grin). Why me??? I have no money!! But off we went. Well, lo and behold if I didn't do ok!! I actually left up $265. I was actually up more, but (sigh) I put a bunch back in the slots. At least I did leave with more money than I came with. Poor Peg ended up losing, so that's no fun. We'll just have to do it again sometime :)

That's about it for today. It is going on 1am, so I really must get to bed, otherwise I really will make myself sick if I don't get enough sleep. So everyone have a great Thursday! I'll check in later.



PS: Ashly... you left a comment the other day but I haven't been able to send you an email because I don't have your email address. If you want, you can send it to me at :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 11, 2007 -- morning

Hiya Bloggy,

I'm up early this morning, although not ready to go anywhere by any stretch of the imagination, much to the disappointment of Bridget (grin). She's sitting up on her Squirrel Watch chair, just ready to go outside. Anywho... just thought I'd pop in to say "Hi" and I'm not sure that I'll be back today to do an entry. Busy day ahead. After Bridget and I go for our walkies, I am going to head in to see the gang at work. Last time I was there, I had picked up a set of ink cartridges for my printer here at home... guess who left them at the office??

So,since it is a gorgeous day out there, my plan is to walk to work... have a visit... then walk home. Hahaha... I will then have to take Bridget for her afternoon walkie, then I'll take a few hours rest. Tonight, Mimi, Nathan, Robyn, Graie and I are going to go to Moxie's Grille for dinner. That's another 8 block walk, so we will walk up there and back tonight. I am definitely going to get my walking in today!!

Hey Deb... you left a comment on the blog yesterday. Only problem is, I have no idea which Deb it is that left the comment!! Hahahaha... if your name is Deb or Steve, you will have to leave at least the first initial of your last name if you sign the blog as annonymous, to give me a clue who it is (grin). But, in answer to your question... a face mask would not affect the temperature of the air. It would keep dust particles, etc. out of the way, but unless I hooked up a portable heater (grin), I'd still be breathing in the cold air. Wrapping a wool scarf around my face (mouth, nose and eyes) would help somewhat, but then I couldn't see to walk LOL!! No, the only real solution would be to stay inside if it is cold out... and for the number of days that this would be a problem (usually the first 1-8 days after the chemo). Lucky for us, here in Vancouver, the weather has taken a turn for the mild. Yesterday, it was even somewhat breezy outside and it didn't affect me.. mind you, that was Day 8.

Okey dokey... everyone have a great day! Bridget is now barking at the door... she's decided she wants to go out... NOW :D


Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, April 9th, 2007 - End of the long weekend

Hiya Bloggy,

Yes, the long weekend is now officially over! Haha... not that I would know a long weekend from a normal weekend now... it seems all the weeks just blend into one. Well, actually, not quite. Everything is on a two week cycle... it's either a Chemo week or a non-Chemo week. We are now entering a non-Chemo week, which I'm looking forward to a week of no weirdness, nausea or headaches :)

Friday night (last entry) was great fun. The freedom to be able to drive out to Tswwassen, visit with Steph and Tony, go to Pt. Roberts Bingo (and fill up with the cheaper American gas (grin)) and drive home! Just like the old days. But, I guess it did take a bit of a toll because this weekend I was much tireder than I was expecting to be on the weekend. Granted, it was a Chemo week, but I expected to be back to my normal energy on the weekend. So, time to take it easy and I pretty much vegged out this weekend. Hahaha... I've already forgotten... what did I do Saturday night??? (grin).

Today, Bridget and I went out walking, but again... found I had a shortness of breath. That has been popping up ever since that Tuesday attack of the cold. But, tonight I was feeling just fine, so went over to Steve and Don's place to watch "Dancing With the Stars". After that was over, Jo, Steve, Don and I played a couple of rounds of Blockus. I got home about 11pm and here I am. I'm now about to make a nice hot cuppa tea and I think I'll take that to bed and curl up with my little diva (after she has finished her piece of carrot and cauliflower) and my book! Hahaha... I'm on book #3 of Jan Karon's Mitford series. I have ordered Books #4, 5, and 6, so hopefully they will be delivered this week :)

I'm not sure when my next appts. for blood work and Dr. Gill are. They usually send me my appt. cards during the Chemo week for appts. the next week... but I guess with the long weekend, mail is now backlogged. If the cards don't come tomorrow, then I'll have to call and track down when I have to be where :)

Welllll... pretty boring, huh? Nothing much to report this weekend. Hehehe.. that's why there are days when there are no entries. But that is not a bad thing... it just means there's nothing major to report, so all must be pretty normal :)

Ok... off I go to get lost in my book!! :D

Ciao for now!