Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 11, 2007 -- morning

Hiya Bloggy,

I'm up early this morning, although not ready to go anywhere by any stretch of the imagination, much to the disappointment of Bridget (grin). She's sitting up on her Squirrel Watch chair, just ready to go outside. Anywho... just thought I'd pop in to say "Hi" and I'm not sure that I'll be back today to do an entry. Busy day ahead. After Bridget and I go for our walkies, I am going to head in to see the gang at work. Last time I was there, I had picked up a set of ink cartridges for my printer here at home... guess who left them at the office??

So,since it is a gorgeous day out there, my plan is to walk to work... have a visit... then walk home. Hahaha... I will then have to take Bridget for her afternoon walkie, then I'll take a few hours rest. Tonight, Mimi, Nathan, Robyn, Graie and I are going to go to Moxie's Grille for dinner. That's another 8 block walk, so we will walk up there and back tonight. I am definitely going to get my walking in today!!

Hey Deb... you left a comment on the blog yesterday. Only problem is, I have no idea which Deb it is that left the comment!! Hahahaha... if your name is Deb or Steve, you will have to leave at least the first initial of your last name if you sign the blog as annonymous, to give me a clue who it is (grin). But, in answer to your question... a face mask would not affect the temperature of the air. It would keep dust particles, etc. out of the way, but unless I hooked up a portable heater (grin), I'd still be breathing in the cold air. Wrapping a wool scarf around my face (mouth, nose and eyes) would help somewhat, but then I couldn't see to walk LOL!! No, the only real solution would be to stay inside if it is cold out... and for the number of days that this would be a problem (usually the first 1-8 days after the chemo). Lucky for us, here in Vancouver, the weather has taken a turn for the mild. Yesterday, it was even somewhat breezy outside and it didn't affect me.. mind you, that was Day 8.

Okey dokey... everyone have a great day! Bridget is now barking at the door... she's decided she wants to go out... NOW :D


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