Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, April 9th, 2007 - End of the long weekend

Hiya Bloggy,

Yes, the long weekend is now officially over! Haha... not that I would know a long weekend from a normal weekend now... it seems all the weeks just blend into one. Well, actually, not quite. Everything is on a two week cycle... it's either a Chemo week or a non-Chemo week. We are now entering a non-Chemo week, which I'm looking forward to a week of no weirdness, nausea or headaches :)

Friday night (last entry) was great fun. The freedom to be able to drive out to Tswwassen, visit with Steph and Tony, go to Pt. Roberts Bingo (and fill up with the cheaper American gas (grin)) and drive home! Just like the old days. But, I guess it did take a bit of a toll because this weekend I was much tireder than I was expecting to be on the weekend. Granted, it was a Chemo week, but I expected to be back to my normal energy on the weekend. So, time to take it easy and I pretty much vegged out this weekend. Hahaha... I've already forgotten... what did I do Saturday night??? (grin).

Today, Bridget and I went out walking, but again... found I had a shortness of breath. That has been popping up ever since that Tuesday attack of the cold. But, tonight I was feeling just fine, so went over to Steve and Don's place to watch "Dancing With the Stars". After that was over, Jo, Steve, Don and I played a couple of rounds of Blockus. I got home about 11pm and here I am. I'm now about to make a nice hot cuppa tea and I think I'll take that to bed and curl up with my little diva (after she has finished her piece of carrot and cauliflower) and my book! Hahaha... I'm on book #3 of Jan Karon's Mitford series. I have ordered Books #4, 5, and 6, so hopefully they will be delivered this week :)

I'm not sure when my next appts. for blood work and Dr. Gill are. They usually send me my appt. cards during the Chemo week for appts. the next week... but I guess with the long weekend, mail is now backlogged. If the cards don't come tomorrow, then I'll have to call and track down when I have to be where :)

Welllll... pretty boring, huh? Nothing much to report this weekend. Hehehe.. that's why there are days when there are no entries. But that is not a bad thing... it just means there's nothing major to report, so all must be pretty normal :)

Ok... off I go to get lost in my book!! :D

Ciao for now!


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Deb said...

Cheryl is sounds like you have settled into a routine. Thats great. Routines are predicable and secure. It also sounds like the chemo is going better then expected. Can you wear a mask when you and Bridget go for your walks? Maybe that would keep the cold air from hitting your lungs so hard.