Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Hello Bloggy!

Is it Saturday already?? Wow... this week seems to have gone by in a blur! On the one hand, it was a little difficult, being that it was a chemo week, on the other hand, it's Saturday already... where did the week go???

Well, I think I've pulled out of the yuckies of Chemo week #2 now... and any yuckies I might experience for the rest of the weekend should be pretty mild. The last entry was Thursday, and that was a yucky day in that I got hit with the Chemo fatigue. But, I woke up Friday to no fatigue. It takes some getting used to that you can be really yucky one day and totally fine the next day.

So Friday was a good day. Not only that, it was beautiful outside!! The sun was out and the temps were sooo mild! Well, throw on the walking clothes and off Bridget and I went for a morning walkie. We ran into Lynn (neighbour two buildings down) and her gorgeous golden retriever, Tkoh. So the four of us set out walking and talking. A little later in the morning, Bridget and I went for another walkie, it was that nice outside.

In the afternoon, Bridget and I went to Tsawwassen to visit our friends, Stephanie and Tony!! It has been eons since we have been able to go to Tsawwassen (about a 45 min. drive from my place). Steph and I then went to Pt. Roberts, WA (about 10 minutes from her and Tony's house) to play Bingo! Just like the old days!! I love going there... it is such a summer, rural area... not to mention, brings back mega childhood memories for me all the time since that was where we had our family summer cottage. We spent our summers at the summer cottage, crabbing, swimming, playing in the tidal pools, etc. Now I take Bridget there in the summers to play in the tidal pools... and Steph and I go there to play some rural Bingo :)

Hahaha... I also filled the beastie up with gas across the border. Even though it's all Canadians who go there (hence the price of gas is higher than anywhere else in WA), it is still approx. .72/gallon cheaper than on the Canadian side of the border, 5 minutes away. Go figure, eh??

When we got back to their house after Bingo, Tony had made Steph and I a thin crust pizza called a "Margaretha". I have never heard of this kind of pizza before and it is delicious!! I have never had such a thin crust... it is almost like a cracker, but it is a pizza crust. YUM!!

Today, I woke up this morning full of energy! YAYAYAYA!! Back to my old self!! Once again, I threw on the walking clothes, threw on a warm jacket (after all, we don't want to go through another one of those cold attacks) and Bridget and I headed out. It was cloudy and threatening to rain/shower at any time (it never did) and the temperature was sooooo mild!! It was wonderful!! Hahaha... it was so mild that I got too warm wearing that warm coat!! But, walk we did and we went for a nice 1 1/2 mile (18 block) walk. Felt great! When we got home, I started a load of laundry. Haha.. once I got down the two flights of stairs with the laundry, put it in the machine and started it, then went up two flights of stairs back to the apartment, I realized I was tired. So, I crawled into bed with my little schnauzer and the two of us had good quality cuddling/snoozing time. Hahaha.. she was tired from being out visiting last night and running around in the garden and around the pool... she had smells to find and exploring to do because she hadn't been there since the summer either!

Well, I did get my load of laundry done, but stopped at one load. I had other chores I was going to tackle today, but alas... they will have to wait to another day :) Stephen Street called today (waving to Stephen!!!) and we are both waiting to finalize our own weekend plans, so we have decided that the two of us will get together either on Monday... or one evening next week.

Actually, there have been a few phone calls this week. My friend, Debbie Laurie (we have been friends since elementary school) called from Phoenix, AZ. She and her hubby (and kids who are married and on their own) all moved down to AZ some years back. Anywho... we have a plan!! (grin) Since I can't go anywhere while taking these chemo treatments and then the radiation treatments... we are planning on getting together towards the end of August/beginning of September. Well, this is all dependant on the new "8 sessions" of chemo vs the original "12 sessions" of chemo. Originally, the chemo wouldn't end until October... now, if we keep on schedule, it could end in the middle of August!! SOOOOO, if it does, Debbie will fly up to Vancouver, then we will go spend a few days up at Whistler Village, where her brother, Scott, has a condo. It will be a girls' getaway where we have a slumber party for a few days!! Hehehe... and when I'm really feeling better and not having to worry about being close to the docs, I will probably fly down to Phoenix and make myself welcome at her and Mark's house ;)

Hehehe... everyone is doing their various things, it can be hard to keep track of everyone! Don and Steve O are off to Vegas on Tuesday. Jo is in Nanaimo this weekend for Easter. I just talked to Doug K. a little while ago and we got caught up on this week's goings ons... he is in town and lives just across the street from me. So we will do dinner real soon, but we are just waiting out the "tireds" and the holiday festivities :)

Ok... that's about it. Tonight is going to be a quiet night at home and right now, I'm going for a nice hot soak in a bubble bath. I'm also going to be washing my hair... oh so gently (grin).

Have a Happy Easter and hope you find lots of eggs and chocolate!!


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Ashly said...

Hey its Ashly :D Happy Easter to you and Bridget im glad to read that you felt good today. It was very warm out in here in Abbotsford. Julie blue eyes sends her love too. And I'm sure if he could talk our dog Axel would send a friendly hello to Bridget :P

Anyways I just wanted you say hi and we are thinking about you.