Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 -- Weird Side Affects

Hiya Bloggy!

Am going to put an early entry in today because I am heading out in about half an hour to go to Steve and Don's to watch American Idol (the bane of our existence) and the results of Dancing With The Stars. It's come to this... reality shows as entertainment??? I never thought I'd see the day that this is what us friends will resort to ;)

Anywho... today was an interesting day. This morning I took Bridget out for her morning constitution walkie. It was about 7am and a gorgeous morning!! Sun was out and although it was very chilly, there wasn't even a whisper of a breeze in the air. Becautiful walking morning. But alas... I got one block away from home and my fingertips (which were in nice warm woolen gloves) started tingling... and then tingling and hurting (sort of like when you get really cold hands out in the snow, then you warm them up under warm water ... ouch!). I wasn't surprised with this tingling because it is one of the side affects of the Oxaliplatin drug. But then I started getting tingling in my legs. My landlord's wife, Denise, came around the corner with her little dog and when I tried to talk to her, my throat felt the cold air and constricted. Then my tongue and gums started tingling and getting thick. My breathing went shallow because breathing in cold air did this to the vocal chords. My voice went to a whisper, so I told Denise I believe I'm having a reaction to the cold air because of the drug. So she walked me and Bridget home and as soon as we got out of the cold outside air... Voila! Everything came back to normal! Like I say, I was prepared for the sensitivity to cold, but I really had no idea what it would do to the breathing and voice! Weird!!!

Anywho... that little episode changed my morning plans. I was going to walk Bridget up to the groomer's (8 blocks away) since it was such a beautiful morning, then I'd walk another block and go see my GP since I haven't chatted with him for awhile. But, after the cold episode, I figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea to walk that far in the cold if I had a problem within 1 block ;) So, I took the car... dropped her off then went to see the Doc.

I told him about the episode and he said that it doesn't surprise him... he's heard some get these reactions. But, I'm to use common sense... if I go out and it ends up being too cold, then turn around and go in where it's warm. Luckily, we are heading into spring and summer so that should help a lot.

Anywho... it was much warmer by this time, so here I am walking around the Streets of the West End in a long coat, a scarf and wool gloves (grin). Others are walking around in t-shirts and walking shorts!! HAHAHAHA!!!

But, it was worth it.. I did some errands, went home and had a nap, then hopped back into the car and went to pick the newly groomed Bridget. Hahaha... here are her Before and After pictures:

Hahaha... the first picture is the rainy walk into Stanley Park. Check out the poor, neglected schnauzer. Now, everyone keeps saying they really like her in the long hair and yes, it is very cute, especially when she can't see from under her hair. But alas, it is very fine hair, hence gets matted very easily, and that's not comfortable for the little diva. So, we try and keep her grooming up. I was very remiss this past couple of months. Her last grooming was at the beginning of December. Normally I like to get her groomed every 8 weeks. So we have made an appt. for May 23rd so we don't forget to get her done again.

Hahaha... because of her mats, we had to go real short this time. It's still a little chilly out, so normally I wouldn't get her cut this short until June... but, what the heck!! And when we came back from the groomers around 5pm, we went out for a 1 mile walk and she was fine. I thought for sure, just having all that hair off, she'd be chilly, but not my little bundle of beans. She was so glad to be home and realize I wasn't abandoning her for life... so going around the familiar neighbourhood was fine with her :)

Meanwhile... time for me to get a move on! Gotta head out to the Boyz' condo. Must see how Sanjaya gets away with another bad night of singing (grin)!

Ciao for now!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's getting warmer too, then you don't have to worry if it's too cold or not.

Bridget is a cutie, I like her new haircut.