Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008 -- Low Energy Report

Hiya Bloggy,

This will be a quick entry since I don't really have too much to report on this one and I haven't taken any new pictures :)

This is, I guess, the end of my first week here... well, first week and a day or two. The beginning of the week was jam-packed with catching up with friends, the beach, the walks to/from the beach, etc. and before you knew it, I was really tired. At home, I know that I plan appts./lunches, etc. in the early afternoon or earlier because it usually takes me most of the morning just to get up and get the joints working, etc. I have no idea why I thought it would be any different here. I guess I just figured that since it was warmer here that my body would adapt faster and be ready and raring to go in the morning.

Duh! Not true! I have found that the walk to the beach from the hotel (3-4 blocks) is doable in the late morning, but very slowly. Then, after spending the afternoon at the beach, even though I spend it under the shade of a beach umbrella, I have no energy left in the late afternoon so it is a real challenge to walk the 3-4 blocks back to the hotel. There is no bus that goes back to the hotel, short of me walking through the International Market place and down a block... by which time I would be only short 1 block to the hotel. But, by the time I walk back to the hotel, I am so hot and so out of energy that doing anything in the evening is pretty much impossible. Weird, huh?? Here I was so sure that when I got here, I would be totally back to my old self once I felt the warm weather. Boy, have I ever been in for a rude awakening!

Anywho... I have send a quick email to my oncologist (Sharlene Gill) just to get verification that what I am experiencing is totally normal and to be expected. I'm pretty sure it is, but I just want to hear it from her... and I guess I will have to rethink my plans for this trip (IE: a day at the beach, then a day here at the hotel by the small pool... or it may even be a day at the beach and then 2 days at the hotel).

I do feel better this evening, so I do know that if I don't over exert myself (and at this speed, walking 3-4 blocks to the beach and then back is considered over-exerting myself), then I can handle it. But when I overdo it, then all I can do is nap... I can't even get the energy to eat! Go figure??

But, since I am rested now, I am planning on going to the beach tomorrow :)



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008 -- I'm baaaack!

Hiya Bloggy,

Well, it's been a couple of days since I've written an entry and, voila! I have solved my problem about uploading pictures!! Yippeeee!! I have picked up one of those little memory card disk readers (the one I have can read 15 different cards, one of them being the itty bitty san disk memory cards that I have for my camera. Sooooo... sit back because there are a ton of pictures that I have. I'm not sure I'll be able to upload all of the ones I've taken so far, but I will upload a bunch :)

Let's start with the little diva who is not here in Hawaii, but is back at home, staying with Stephanie and Tony in Tsawwassen. Yes, it is good to see that she is living in the spoilt lifestyle that she has become accustomed to at home. From the sounds of things, she has Stephanie at her beck and call!! LOL!! Because their dog, Reagan, loves to play with balls, Bridget now insists that she loves to play with balls... as long as someone (Stephanie) is there to throw them for her... which in turn drives Reagan crazy!! But, when it's bed time, then Bridget loves to snuggle in her blankie. Check out these two pictures that Tony took of her:

Isn't she just the cutest??? Ok... moving on... let's go across the Pacific Ocean to the islands of Hawaii. I happen to be on the island of O'hau! Yes, this is the island that Waikiki is on and Waikiki is where my friends and I make our home during the month of January. Now, I'm not sure where to start with the pictures! Hmmmm... let's see...

Here's Peggy, one of my bestest friends. She is in the stretch limo that we (7 of us) took to get to Bob's house which is on the backside of Diamond Head. We were on our way there to celebrate Sheila's birthday (her birthday is the day before mine):

Hehehe... now the party gets rolling and as the night goes on, well, we all get a little crazy! This picture is of me and Sheila... we are celebrating Sheila's birthday which is the day before mine...

And this is a picture of Doug and I. Doug and Marilyn are married and live in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. Just before Christmas, I went over to Vancouver Island to attend a work meeting/lunch and I stayed at Doug and Marilyn's in their gorgeous house right on the lake. Now, here we all are in Hawaii :)

Hmmm... here's a picture of Peg and Marilyn (Doug's wife)...

And then there's me with two of my favourite guys, Doug and Ron (Doug on the left and Ron on the right)...

As the night went on, well, I'm not sure I can explain this. There must be a simple explanation for it but hmmmm... give me a few minutes and I'm sure I can come up with one (grin):

(AHEM!) Ok... let's move on. Remember in the last blog entry I mentioned about being a little bit leery about going on the catamaran? I was just not sure of my footing or balance and whether I could do it or not. Even with all the guys in our gang and the guys who sail the catamaran, I just wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. The "stairs" up from the water to the boat are a combination of "stairs" and "ladder". The stairs themselves are not bad, but the boat is moving the whole time because of the waves that come into the shore. Which is another problem... the waves cover the first 2 or 3 stairs when they come into shore, so if you are on those stairs at that time, AND you don't have good balance, they could push you off. So I was just not sure if I could overcome all of this. But, surprise, surprise... I DID IT!! I am soooo pleased with myself for having accomplished this. Sailing on the catamaran has been something I've done every year... so to not be able to do it was just another example of what I'm limited in doing. But, I DID manage to get up by myself even though Bob was in front of me and Doug behind me should I need help. Likewise, when I got off, the catamaran guys were there to help, with my guys behind me. So here are a few pictures I took while on the catamaran...

This has got to be a familiar picture... the Waikiki shoreline taken as the catamaran is sailing out over the reef. We didn't see any dolphins or whales on this sail, but they are everywhere in the vicinity because they are heading towards Maui... before they turn around and head to Alaska in the summer.

Ok... here's the gang on the catamaran. Gee... I probably will miss someone but let's see... in the foreground, Chris in the red had (Peggy's husband), Doug looking at me with a drink in his hand, Peggy is standing up, over on the other side is Darlene and Nancy, up against the window is Walter and Marilyn.

This is a cute picture. We have little Lexi who is Bob's (in black tank shirt) grandaughter. Sheila (blonde) is owner of the catamaran with Walter (from Winnipeg) all paying attention to little Lexi. She is one well-behaved toddler! No matter where we went or what we were doing, she never ever made a fuss or got cranky!

Ok, here's a better picture of little Lexi. She decided that I was OK in her books and my cane was definitely intriguing. She took very good care of my cane when I didn't need it and when I did, she was right there, willing to hand it over to Auntie Cheryl.

After the catamaran ride, we trekked through the sand (hey, sand trekking in the sun is hard work!!) to the Moana Surfrider Hotel and placed ourselves under the Banyan Tree for some refreshment. It's just, we never did know when to leave.

As you can see... fruity Rum Runners were easy to get. I, myself, was being extremely good and sticking to the "virgin" drinks, being that I am still on medication and who knows how Rum Runners and meds react ;)

Here is a lovely picture of Colleen and Peggy. I really like this picture. Ok, ok, so Colleen has just joined us and Peggy has had a couple of Rum Runners by this time, but hey, who's counting??? :)

Hey... well, don't Shirley and Vladi look like they are having fun?? This is their first year with us (what a rude awakening for them!!) They are Doug and Marilyn's neighbours at Shawnigan Lake over on Vancouver Island and we are glad they could join us this year!

Ok, Peggy is going to kill me but I just had to add this picture...

Hahahaha... she is praying that she doesn't come across as too drunk when she meets up with her husband for dinner. Hehehe... we DID finally leave the Yum Yum Tree and walked next door to the Outrigger Waikiki to go to Chuck's Steakhouse for dinner. It must have been about 8pm by this time and we realized that some were starting to get hungry ;)

So, off to Chuck's we went and when we got there, the place was hoppin'!! Not only that, but Bob (different Bob) was working at the bar. Now, you all really have to see Bob work... he is amazing and totally puts Tom Cruise to shame in that movie he was in acting as a bartender. Bob is so quick, he will make you busy just watching him work!

Since we had to wait for a bit for dinner, we waited in the bar. Doug and I were at one end, then there was a fellow, Patrick, between me and the rest of them. Well... Patrick was a darn interesting fellow... he is a pilot for UPS and he flies all over the world - Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, China, Europe, Australia, etc. Really interesting guy, so we exchanged email addresses... the one city he has not been to is Vancouver, so, you never know... he may get Vancouver one of these days!

Hehehe... well, after dinner, Doug, Marilyn and I walked back to my hotel with Shirley and Vladi. Shirley and Vladi went off to their own hotel... Doug and Marilyn dropped me off at my hotel and the two of them went to their place just around the corner from my hotel.

Yesterday we all went to the Military Beach behind the Hale Koa hotel. Needless to say we were all much quieter than the day before. And oy vey, but I actually got too much sun!! I have burnt the top of both of my feet, not to mention the rest of me!! Today I stayed under the umbrella in the shade the whole afternoon. I was really tired after realizing the walk to/from the military beach is just too much for me to handle right now. It was fine two years ago, but alas... I'm not able to right now. So on Thursday when we go, I will take the bus.

But, right now, it is just after 11pm and my eyes are drooping, so it's off to bed for me.



Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday, January 5th, 2008 -- more beach and sun!

Hiya Bloggy!

Yep... another day in paradise!! Although, I will be the first to admit that I was much slower today. Instead of going down to the beach around 9am (which is always my goal), I don't think I got there until close to noon. I think (what do I know??) that the Kona winds may be on their way out, which meant it was hotter and muggier today... and we didn't have any "cloudy" periods... it was sun, sun, and more sun :)

Oh joy!! When I got down there, they had a beach umbrella already set up for me AND my black chair was all set up too!! I think I mentioned this yesterday... a few years back now I had left my black chair with the Bradleys and told them that they could do whatever they wanted with it... give it to friends coming for a visit or even throw it out. It was easier for me to just bring a chair over and leave it rather than cart it back to Vancouver. Hahaha... well, it did make it's way over to the Donnellys, so it was still on the island, this many years later. When I got to the beach, there it was, all set up under my umbrella. Ed had walked it down to the beach early this morning...probably earlier than when I got up! :) And now, at the end of the day, the chair will stay with the umbrella with the beach boys and they will set it up when they set up the rest of our gang.

So, what did we do today? Hmmm... this is going to sound so boring... it's a tough life don't you know?? We chatted, we read, we did puzzles (some were doing crosswords, some Suduko), some had their ipods... and then when it got too hot, went into the water for a dip. I didn't go into the actual water for a swim... I went in up to my ankles, just to cool off. Waikiki Beach is a famous beach for swimming but it does have this one big sandy step down just under the water at the shore. Getting down the sandy step would not be a problem for me... it's getting up the step. It's just that high enough that I can't quite to it... at least, not on my own. Of course, all the gang have said that when I want to go into to the water, I can either go in with anyone who is going in, or any one of them will walk in with me (so I don't fall) and will be there to give me a hand when I'm ready to come out. This is going to happen... I will be going in! I just have to get over my "fear" of falling or having my muscles/joints give out on me. I've already noticed what a challenge it is just to walk down to the beach! That has really thrown me... I was not expecting that, and I'm waiting for the heat/humidity to start working it's magic on my joints and muscles that are so sore.

Patience is a virtue!! I've only been here two days... I can't go expecting miracles :)

Anywho... where was I? Oh yes... the beach! So we were all just lazing around, doing not much of anything. I was reading my book and then out of the blue, there was Sheila with her hands over my eyes!! Scared the dickens out of me, it did!! Sheila is the owner of the Kepoikai (the catamaran) and tomorrow (Sunday) is her birthday. Since it is her birthday, she wants us all to go for a sail tomorrow. Hmmmm... I'm going to play that one by ear and see how strong I'm feeling tomorrow. I am REALLY leary about getting on the catamaran. Going up the stairs/ladder onto the boat... and then getting into the cabin of the boat. I used to do this in my bare feet and just took it for granted. Now, the simplest thing like telling my legs to go down a step... well, it's a challenge. So getting off the boat will be a challenge as well. We'll see. I guess part of it will depend on what time Sheila gets down and then whether my pain pills have kicked in or not.

Anywho... now that Sheila was down at the beach, that's all us gals needed as an excuse to go to the Moana Surfrider hotel to have a little drinkie outside under the Banyan Tree ;) Fancy drinks... one has to have a couple of those days!

Then it was back to our umbrellas on the beach. I realized about this time (3pm'ish) that I was looking a tad reddish. How does that happen when I'm mostly in the shade of the umbrella?? But, there was that time where I was standing at the water's edge, just getting my feet wet up to my ankles to cool off. Peggy and I stood there talking for a bit... and I think it was that time, with the reflection from the water, that got a little cooked :)

So, it was time to hobble back to the hotel at 4pm. I was hot and felt sandy. It seemed to take forever to get back to the hotel, but oh did it feel good to have a nice warm shower :D I got changed into some comfy clothes and chose to stay home this evening. It is now 10:30pm so I am going to go to bed with my book. I will probably be asleep before I finish the first paragraph and will have a good night's sleep :)

Aloha for now!!


PS: Marilyn, who says she is barely computer literate, came up with a brainstorm regarding my problem of not being able to post any pictures I've taken because I forgot the cable at home!! I will take the camera's memory card into a photo finishing place and have them download the pictures from the card onto a CD! Hello? What a simple solution and why didn't I think of that?? Heck, there's a photo finishing place right in the hotel behind where we sit on the beach! :)