Friday, August 24, 2012

CHERYL'S MEMORIAL - A Celebration of All Things Cheryl

Cheryl left me strict instructions on the form and content of the celebration and I am pleased to say we have booked a time and place. October 7 at 2:00 PM at Metro Theatre. With drinks to follow in the Metro Lounge. Cheryl left lots of details as to the form and content of the show - yes she used the word show - and I will be contacting some of you and asking you to perform or to help in other essential ways. Shelley Hunt, Kerry O'Donovan and Melanie Thompson are doing this with me and Emma Hale at Infinity Films will be coordinating us all.

I hope you can all be there - we intend to raise the roof of Metro Theatre all the way to the blue skies above through the sheer volume of joy and laughter in her memory. And in the sure knowledge that her spirit will be with us that day and every day.

I hope you can join us! More details to follow but mark the date in your devices.

- Shel Piercy