Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 12th, 2008 - Quickie Update

Hiya Bloggy,

I beez bad! I realized (as well, it was brought to my attention) that I hadn't updated the blog for a few days... which is my bad since so many of you have said how you keep regular contact with the blog to see how I'm doing... and if I haven't updated it, then one doesn't know whether to worry or to assume that things are going great and I'm too busy to do any updates :)

Well, I'm happy to report that no one has to worry... I'm doing quite fine. I still have pain, but no where near what I was going through the first 10 days after the surgery. The pain I have now is pain that I had assumed I would have about 3-4 days after the surgery... not 12 days after the surgery!! But, as my friend Roger explained... when doing any surgical work around the kidney area, this is grounds for a lot of pain. So why didn't my surgeon explain this to me so that I could have been better prepared for what I went through??? And why the attitude that I shouldn't be in the kind of pain I was in, when it was obvious that this would not be unusual??

Anywho... on Friday night, I had my friend Greg pick me up and take me down to TUTS and I watched the show Jesus Christ Superstar. It was thoroughly enjoyable, even though it isn't one of my favourite shows, per se. On opening night, apparently they had quite a few technical difficulties, especially with the sound, but on Friday night, I didn't notice any of that so the show went very smoothly and was enjoyable to watch.

Hahahaha... there was a price to pay for me being out in the fresh air until so late Friday night. I pretty much slept ALL day today. I got up around 4pm... just in time to throw some clothes on and Greg was back to pick me up to go watch Annie Get Your Gun tonight.

I was really bummed out that I had to miss both Opening Nights since I just was in too much pain and not feeling up to being able to go. So it was a real treat for me to go Friday night to see JCS and tonight to see AGYG. Annie blew me away with just how pretty this show is... and obviously I am not the only one to agree... check out th review by copy and pasting this link into your browser:

If I wasn't so tired right now, I would code the above link so that all you have to do is click on it, but it is going on 2am and I really must go to bed. I already know I'm going to be paying for being out so late tonight, and being out in the fresh air all evening. Chances are I am going to have to sleep most of the day away tomorrow!

But being down at the Park with all my friends definitely has been the best dose of medicine since I've had the surgery done!! THIS is what my life is all about and being down with my friends actually helped me forget about the pain for awhile... well, if not able to forget about it, it was easier to cope with it. My dear friend Greg drove me to the Park both nights and my dear friend Shelley (who choreographed Annie Get Your Gun and who's husband, Stefan, is in Jesus Christ Superstar) drove me home both nights. I'm not quite up to driving anywhere yet ;)

Ok... a wonderful evening for sure!! And Toby, who had Bridget out this afternoon on their 2 hour hike, brought her down to the park. Bridget, of course, was right at home since being the Box Office dog mascot is her old stomping grounds... but when she saw me in the Garden Cafe outdoor concession area, she dragged Toby to me, whining and barking in excitement ... "That's my mom!!" It was sooo cute!! Of course, as soon as she got to me and smothered me in kisses, she insisted on my buying a cheeseburger so she could help share it with me :)

Toby and Bridget stayed for a short visit and rest stop, then they walked back home and Toby fed her her dinner which I had prepared for her and kept in the fridge. All is well and everyone is getting looked after :)

Ciao for now!