Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11th, 2009 - A short one? :)

Hey Bloggymates!

Yes, you heard it hear... this is going to be a short blog entry! Not because I lead a short and boring life... no siree, bob! I've been soooo busy that I seriously haven't had time to keep up the blog entries to yak about all that's been taking up my time. But suffice it to say, I've been busy in a good way and now I'm seriously thinking of actually scheduling some "down" time in my calendar... think I'll be successful?

Anywho.... it's a rainy Monday morning (gee, isn't there a song about that?? Rainy Days and Mondays?? Carpenters??) and it's really quite amazing. My mind is awake and ready to go... my body, well, it's quite a bit slower than the mind ;) But, today Bridget and I will be going to the TUTS office to do some hours there. Actually this week I am splitting my time between doing work for TUTS and doing work for Metro Theatre... AND starting the June 1st issue of the Community Theatre eNewsletter. The eNewsletter is definitely a pet project of mine. It started being an eNewsletter about Metro Theatre, but trying to fill a whole newsletter about one theatre when it's hard to get content... I expanded the concept of the eNewsletter. It is now a electronic newsletter about what's happening in the Community Theatre scene in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland... and sponsored by Metro Theatre. So all in all, everyone wins! So hey... if any of you out there belong to a community theatre group, or theatre co-op, etc.... send me your news! Deadline for the June 1st issue is May 15th... which is coming up pretty quickly :)

Oh... and another new exciting thing in my life... I decided to buy myself a pre-retirement gift (grin)! I got myself a new camera... the brand new Pentax X70 with a 24 optical zoom lens. It is unbelievable... the quality and sharpness of the pictures compared to any camera I've had before. I also ordered (via eBay) a spare battery for it... for $9.99, includes shipping from Hong Kong, and sure enough, the battery arrived in my mailbox within 10 days of ordering it. It doesn't get any easier than that!!

Anywho... you know I will be bombarding everyone here with pictures... and I'm planning on getting into my photography a little more seriously than before. But just to show some of the incredible detail this camera picks up...check out these pictures. Yes they are flowers, but the colour and sharpness is quite amazing!

There's my poor lonely car, sitting all by itself... in the land of paradise :)

This is the door to our TUTS office. The weather lately (until today) has been quite lovely! But check out the colour in this picture... the tulips vs the greenery.

Is the yellow in these pansies not incredibly rich?? These are starting to be one of my favourite flowers. They come in so many colours, but these yellow ones are particularly brilliant.

This is one of my favourites. For starters, pink is my favourite colour and these pink tulips were such a brilliant pink!! But aren't they all just gorgeous???

Ok... the pictures made this entry longer than a short post :) Right now, I have got to get my butt out of the computer chair, get dressed, throw together some lunch and veggie snacks for Bridget and we are heading to the office (the one in the picture above) :)

Tomorrow is Election day here in BC! So, Bridget and I will hobble down the street to the Best Western Sands Hotel where our voting station will be. I'm not sure why it's not at the school where it usually is, but what the heck... it's still close by :) Bridget will come with me unless I decide to treat myself to which case she will stay home ;)

Anywho... I'm in practice mode for retirement and guess what?? I LIKE IT!! More so, I LOVE it!! I have no idea why some people hate retirement and are bored. Are you kidding??? If anything I still complain that there isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want to do!! Health-wise, I think I'm feeling and doing great!! My next CAT scan is July 20th. That's when I'll also have blood work done to measure my CEA, get the CAT scan done for the lungs and then meet with my oncologist. She will check how the nodules on my lungs are doing and if my CEA is normal... if that's the case, then I'll get another 4 months of freedom before the next CAT scan :) So even though July 20 is still a ways away... keep sending those positive thoughts that the nodules are nothing! No growth, no activity... or if you can send out the thoughts that the nodules just shrink and go away, that would be even better :)