Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 - No Surgery News

Hiya Bloggy,

Nothing new to report on the surgery front. I have to admit, I'm getting a little antsy here... not because the surgery is making me nervous, but because I don't have news yet of when the surgery date will be. I understand that the surgeon has to schedule according to priority/emergency, etc. and I don't have a problem with that... I just would like to know a date. But the problem is, one can't seem to get past the front desk, the admin support person who handles the phone calls for the surgeon. Now, I have a real problem with the front office saying that they were answering the phone yesterday, when I called numerous times and only got the voice mail message... but couldn't leave a voice mail message because the mailbox was full. Her response to that was because people leave multiple messages which fills up the inbox and she is spending her time responding to the messages. Well, personally, I don't buy that at all because IF this is the case then there's a very basic problem here... if people ARE leaving multiple messages then it's because their messages are not being answered in a timely fashion. This is the basics in office management 101.

The thing that annoys me to no end... this is not a case of the medical system letting one down, but it's an individual in an office that is the spoke in the wheel that is broke. Now, I'm feeling (which I'm sure a lot of other patients are feeling the same thing) that you don't want to rock the boat because the surgery is too important to be going and p*ssing anyone off. But I think that I may have to talk to my oncologist and see if she can find out more since I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Will let you know what happens.

Ok, other news is that my poor, darlin' little Bridget has colitis. Oh, I can soooo relate to her distress! Once again, last night, we were up all night while the poor dear had the runs... thank goodness our weather has turned to the nice and balmy spring temps we've come to expect. When you are outside at 2am, 3am, 4am, etc.... it's nice not to be out there in the cold and wet. But it's heartwrenching to see one's little fur-baby in distress.

But, Dr. Joan to the rescue. She examined her and it looks like Bridget has come down with colitis. Intestinal upsets are common with the schnauzer breed, although Bridget has never had any history of tummy problems in the past...not like this. So, Bridget's now on Metronidazole for a week. This med acts as a anti-inflammatory (for the inflamed intestine), as an antibiotic (in case it is bacteria caused) and helps with the diarrhea. So far it seems to be working fine... the little one is in no distress today. She is also on a new prescription diet, which is a high fibre canned dog food. She is eating it, although not that much (mind you, she has never been one to eat a huge amount of food anyways)... and has to be fed 4-6 small meals/day rather than 1 or 2 larger ones. This, of course, is to make sure her intestines aren't having to work hard or that there is too much food sitting in her tummy at any given time. If I find she doesn't really take to this food, then there are other kinds that Joan says we can try her on, but for the next 7-10 days or longer, she is not to have her veggie treats or her regular diet.

So, tonight I am watching American Idol and Bridget is snoozing comfortably. So it's actually possible that I might get to sleep tonight. Joan just called a few minutes ago to see how our little patient is doing... all is well for tonight :)

Tomorrow, I am taking the car in for it's regular maintenance, which is kind of a joke since it was due for it regular maintenance in February... 2007!! The only thing in my defense (and I know there really isn't any excuse for not having someone take it in for me) is that I have been driving it very, very little over the last 18 months, so it's not like it's been getting a lot of useage. But, even I know that it's not good for a car to be sitting without it's maintenance. So I am taking it in in the morning and will let Bridget stay home for a few hours and then I'll come back and be with her.

Let's see... the only other thing I have to comment on this week is that I got together with my friends', Doug (who lives across the street) and his sister, Julia (who lives in Williams Lake further up North of Vancouver by about 6 hours, in BC). We were childhood friends, so it is always great when we get a chance to catch up. I see Doug often, but don't get to see Julia all that often because she does live a ways away. But Julia and her husband Ken, and I, got to meet up in Hawaii this year. They and their children/grandchildren will be vacationing in Pt. Roberts this summer, so we will be able to get together at that time, assuming I'm not in for Surgery #2 by then.

Anywho... I think I mentioned in the last blog entry or two that we were finally expecting some beautiful Spring/Summer weather, which we got over the weekend. Here is the view from Doug's apartment across the street from me:

As you can see, he is a lot higher up than I am (21st floor) whereas I'm only on the second floor and I'm facing a different direction. But the view is spectacular, especially when the weather is co-operating! :)

Ok... as far as the local flowers go, Spring has been here for a little while... it's just the weather and temps that have taken their time coming around. But here we have some rhodies and tulips that are in the little park next door to our buildings. I love these rhodies because of their pink and white colouring... and the fact they are so huge!

This is a picture of the tulips next door. I have to admit, the City and Parks Board really do a fabulous job of the city gardens and when it comes to the tulips, I guess I've sort of taken them for granted since there are so many throughout the city. But, as Julia pointed out, some places around BC, further north, have a shorter growing period so their tulips don't get to be this size.

This is the view looking down from Doug's apartment... down on the Inukshuk. For those who don't know, Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and the logo for the games is based on the Inukshuk, which is a welcoming symbol in our native culture. So here we are, looking down on the Inukshuk and it looks soooo small from up here.

Meanwhile, this picture was taken back in the Fall by my friend and neighbour, Nathan. It is the same Inukshuk, but taken at sunset closer to ground level. Ok, he's on the ground when he took it, but at street level, whereas, the actual Inukshuk, is lower, down by the water:

I'm going to close this entry with that beautiful picture by is one of my all time favourites. Now I'm either going to take Bridget out or get in touch with Jenn and see if she and Lexi were planning on going out soon.

Ta ta for now!!