Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 - A Quickie!

Hiya Bloggy-followers!

Hehe... ok, once again, I must whine about how there are not enough minutes/hours in a day! Seriously... try as I might, I just can't keep up! I have so many things I want to do, or have committed to do or have yet to plan to do... not to mention the every day stuff like laundry, light housekeeping, bills, emails, etc. Hahahaha... is it any wonder I don't go to bed until 2am and then am up at 8am at the latest??

Anywho... it is late as I'm writing this so I'm not going to put up any pictures. I'm waiting for Helen (hint hint) to send me a couple of the pictures she took of Baby Kennedy and me on Sunday night. We were having a lovely roast beef dinner to celebrate Dad's 85th birthday! Can you believe it, he's hit the 85th year milestone and still going strong! It had been some time since I was out their way... it's just long enough of a drive with my goofy knees locking up that I don't drive out there that often these days... so it was good to get out there and see everyone :)

Well, today I finished the third appt. of my root canal/crown that had to be done. What a horrible experience THAT was. Well, my dentist is awesome, as are her technicians but where I needed the root canal and crown is the lower right side... where it doesn't take to the freezing. So two of these appts. were NOT comfortable. But it's done now and it's nice to no longer have pain on that side of the mouth!! There's another tooth that needs a crown, but it doesn't hurt so I told her we will just have to put it off until next year . Besides the fact I'm not up for more torture at this time, there is the cost factor too. I get 65% coverage for crowns, so it means each crown cost me about $350.00. Hello?? That means that ONE tooth costs over $1000 to get a crown... that's just one tooth!! How do folk without dental plans afford to get it done??

Now, I no sooner get that tooth done and guess who next needs dental work? Yep, my little precious diva, Miss Bridget! She will be going into the clinic on Saturday morning. She has a tooth that is very loose but still in the gum, and it looks a little inflamed around the gum. So in we go on Saturday for an exam and then we will have to book an appt. for the tooth extraction which I'm sure Joan will agree it has to come out. It doesn't seem to be bothering her right now... but I don't want to leave it until it becomes a big problem. That should be another $400 or so. So you wonder why I don't want to get my second crown done?? :)

Ok... health update... I think I'm doing just fine. I'm way too busy to be sick, thank you very much :) But alas... I will have to come down to reality a bit this week. On Friday, I have to drive back out to New Westminster and go to Royal Columbian Hospital for a followup lung CAT Scan... then right after I have the scan done, I have a followup appt. with Dr. Brad Halkier, the radiologist who did my lung ablation back in January. This appt. is a followup to the procedure and I have no doubt, whatsoever, that the scan is going to show that everything is healing just fine. There are no problems or even hint of a problem or complication from the procedure. What I am a little leary of was this is the radiologist who seemed so full of doom and gloom and wasn't sure what benefit I would get out of the procedure (hello? Having any of the tumours removed is a huge benefit as far as I'm concerned... and to have them removed without having to go through a major lung surgery... what part of benefit doesn't he understand??) But his opinion is that I should be on chemo and the fact I have multiple lesions on my lungs (6 now that 1 has been removed) then chances are there will be many more that will pop up and we can't go chasing them one at a time. But my attitude is... there are 6 now that we have to keep an eye on ... we don't have to worry about the others that haven't shown up... and may not show up, so let's just deal with the ones we know for sure are there.

Anywho... enough of that... suffice it to say I can't wait to get that appt. over and with a little bit of luck I will have been leary for no reason and he will be really pleased with how things have gone and may even think that we should do some of the others ;)

As a reward for going to this appt (grin)... my friend Nancie who lives in New West, and I are going to go out for dinner afterwards and then have a movie night. Not sure which movie we will go to see, but hopefully something light, comedic or romantic... or perhaps a period show if there is one out.

Hahahaha... today's reward for having finished the dental stuff was to get myself a pedicure!! I was sooooo long overdue for one, I almost didn't want to go in! Hahaha... the girls there just laughed and said my feet were not bad at all, but I beg to differ!! I don't think I've had a pedicure since before Christmas... and before the snow because I couldn't get out and about in the snow ;) But now, I have wonderful feet/toes with the nails done in a lovely spring pink colour :) Oh the joys of doing girlie things!!

Bridget, on the other hand, had a bath today!! Toby took her out for her afternoon walk and when they came back, Bridget looked like a drowned rat. They got caught in a rain shower (ok, downpour), so she looked hilarious when she came home and was full of beans and mischief. So Toby suggested that since she was already so wet, why not give her a bath? Hey, who am I to turn down he offer of help bathing the dog??? I can't get down on my knees at the tub, so this was perfect!! Toby gave Bridget a bath and now she is soooo clean. She smells great and her fur is soft like a rabbit :)

Ok... tomorrow and Thurs, Bridget and I are off to the TUTS office. Both shows are pretty much cast now and they are both going to be excellent!! Not sure if I mentioned which ones we are doing, but the two for this summer are "Annie" and "Thoroughly Modern Millie". If anyone who is reading this is in town in the summer, then both shows will be a must-see!!

Ooooooh and sometime in April, there's a new Pentax digital camera that is coming out and will be available in Canada. The Pentax X70 ( that my friend, Tony, told me about. I am in the market for a new digital camera and this one sounds like a dream. So when it is available, I may just have to get me one!

Ok... I just know there's a ton more that I meant to mention, but it's now almost 1am... so I really need to get some beauty rest (ok, maybe read my book for a bit) before getting up and getting ready to head out in the morning :)

Ciao for now!!