Tuesday, January 2, 2007

An update from Dad (Bill)

Cheryl phoned this morning with word that all systems appear to be go for the operation to proceed on Thursday the fourth our time. They are sending her in today for another CAT scan to analyze the effects of the antibiotic treatment on the infection. She is quite confident that these results will be positive, as the pain has subsided to such a degree that she is only taking the pain killing drugs in the morning and at night compared to the former every four hour dosages. Should the CAT scan show no snags or hindrances, the operation will take place on Thursday afternoon and should be completed by four o'clock, at which time Dr Brown, the surgeon, will call me to let me know how she is doing and what he came across while exploring her innards. She will probably not be back in her room before seven or eight in the evening and, no doubt, be heavily sedated, so there would be little point for anyone to either visit or to attempt to phone her at that time. As soon as I hear from Dr. Brown I will send you the details of what he has told me so that you can pass the news on to all of her friends and, once again, thank you so very much for your time and kindness during this period of stress and worry. Kindest regards - Bill

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