Thursday, January 4, 2007

Post-op update from Dad

The doctor called me at 4:30 pm this afternoon to inform me that Cheryl has come through the operation in fine shape and that the operation went very well. Unfortunately the tumor proved to be abscessed and perforated, which was not the news we were hoping for as it does give the cells a greater chance to spread than if it had been fully contained. The doctor did stress that from what could be seen there is no indication of any such spreading, but it does mean that chemotherapy will be necessary and will begin in about a month's time and will continue for about six months. This is about all I can report for now but I am sure that we will receive more detailed information during the next few days. Cheryl is resting in the recovery room and will probably be there for the night, so there is no chance of her receiving visitors or phone calls until at least tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
I don't know if you remember me, Lorna, from Smallville. We talked during your blog updates about Kimberley. I was talking to Steve Oben this week and he informed me of the terrible turn your health has taken. I was speechless and very upset by the news. My heart goes out to you during this very difficult time. Lots of love Lorna

Anonymous said...

Hello Aunty Cheryl from Julie, Gary, Ashly the family and all the birds!
Just wanted to send big hugs and say way to kick butt through the operation! I know how scary it can be going into it-please remember you are not alone! You are all tucked into the warm blankets now I hear which was always my favorite part!
We are all thinking of you here and holding on to you so tight to you in our hearts. I know what it is like to do the hospital routine and it can be creepy and lonely sometimes. Just remember-you are not alone!!!! So many of us are sending out our positive energy your way that it must look like the Northern Lights over St. Pauls ;)
Love you so much Aunty Cheryl-Keep up the visual therapy-no matter what they throw at you!!!!! You are mighty!!!!
Smackors-Julie and the rest of the family of feathered and non ;) xoxoxoxoxox

redheadwarrior said...

Darling Cheryl, Clare here from Toronto. Well, I guess you have taken the torch from me and it is ALL ABOUT YOU NOW!! Sending heaps of hugs and kisses to you from TO. Guess what! Geoff and I are getting married next weekend by a Justice of the Peace, with a big bash this September! If I had waited any longer, the only thing standing going down the aisle would have been my new set of boobs!

Happy Birthday for Saturday.

You look skinny and gorgeous in your pictures. Try to keep smmiling and don't let the bastards get you down. xoxox Clare