Friday, January 5, 2007

An update from Charmaine

I spoke with Cheryl this morning and she is doing well, but is in a lot of pain. She is waiting for the medicine man to come by and increase the dosage of morphine. She is also going to have a restful day and asked that if you are planning on visiting, please leave it until Sunday (which is also her birthday) at the earliest. Cheryl's friend, Steve, is going to spend the day with her, so if her phone rings, Steve will answer it. Cheryl's throat is very dry and she is finding it a bit difficult to talk. If you know of anyone who is planning on seeing Cheryl today or tomorrow or calling her, please let them know.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again it is Julie :)
Through all of my operations-when I was finally allowed-I loved ice cubes for that awful dry throat! Just suck on them slowly so your tummy does not get upset if you are still on strict diet. Ask the nurses and they will let you know if you can have them. They sure helped me!
Love you so much Cheryl and Happy Birthday on Sunday too from all of the clan here!
Jewel xoxoxoxoxo!!!!