Saturday, January 6, 2007

Progress update from Dad

Great news today! Thanks, Bill, for keeping us up-to-date.

Was up to see Cheryl yesterday, Friday, and had a short visit with her. She was in a great deal of post-operative pain and was somewhat droopy eyed from the effects of the morphine that was being administered to counter the pain. Her friend David took over in the afternoon to answer any incoming phone calls which enabled her to try to rest as much as was possible.

This morning, Saturday, she phoned me to let me know that suddenly, just like night from day, things had all changed and all was right with the world. She enjoyed a pleasurable sleep from almost 7 pm to 7am and woke to find that the pain has subsided by a remarkable extent and is, once again, quite tolerable and that she is looking forward to chatting and visiting with her friends. She is once again the unsinkable Cheryl and, no doubt, entertaining the nursing staff of St. Paul's Tenth Floor. She seemed very proud of the fact that the nurses are drawing straws to see who can tend to her needs as she has become the favorite patient of the entire ward. Both the doctors and nurses are expressing surprise at the magnitude of her friendship wall, which now contains not only the posters with the names of the multitude of visitors and their comments but also a store full of get well and birthday cards. These, along with her florist shop full of plants and flowers, give quite a cheery aura to her digs.

We look forward to better and brighter news from here on and will keep you informed of the continued improvements.


Cheryl wishes to express her gratitude to all of those who have been so thoughtful during this time of stress. A special thank you to the TLC Gang for the deluge of birthday wishes she has received.

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