Thursday, December 21, 2006

An update from Cheryl herself!

I had the 'big-word scopy' done this morning, which is basically a kodak moment of the bladder. GOOD NEWS!!!! Fred, the fistula, does not appear to have invaded Berny the bladder. There will be no need for them to cut into the bladder now, whew...

That was going to be a very complicated part of the surgery which was going to require a second surgical team from the urology dept.

I then met with Dr. McDreamy-Brown. He is going to get the biopsy results today, but from the CAT scan, he is feeling much better that Chuck the mass is not cancer. He says there is no sign of any spreading, so worse case scenario, if Chuck is cancerous, it would appear to be self contained. He is relieved because it gives us more time to let the antibiotics clear up the massive infection and make it easier to unstick the intestines from the surrounding organs.

One last thing, for the sensitive male eyes in the group, I'll go over this part quickly. It appears that Fred the fistula may have started courting Virginia the va*** girly parts, so alas the surgery will still involve evicting Chuck the mass, part of Ivan the Intestine, all of Fred the fistula, and repairing Virginia's house ☺

Doctor McDreamy-Brown's suggested plan is that I remain in the hospital on IV antibiotic therapy for the remainder of this week and next, then we do the surgery the first week of January. Coincidentally, he is going to be in Ontario next week but would be back for the surgery. This relieves me(sic) to no end since I want him to do the surgery and not some other brilliant surgeon. He says he has never seen a case like mine, and will be discussing with his partners so they are all aware.

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