Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A message from Dad (Bill)

Hi Melinda,

This is Bill, Cheryl's dad. We were in to see Cheryl this evening and were there when you called her. (The first call she received since being assigned a bed.) All in all her spirits are very good although she was in pretty severe pain from the biopsy and although she had been admitted shortly after one o'clock this afternoon she was still waiting for the pain killer and antibiotic drugs to make their way from the dispensary up to the eighth floor of the hospital. Her arm was all gigged up for receiving the stuff intravenously but in the usual fashion of our medical system nobody but the patient and his/her relatives and friends seemed to be overly concerned about the lack of attention. Tomorrow she will have a catscan and, hopefully, the results of the biopsy will give us additional information regarding the cause of all of her discomfort. In any case, it appears that the surgery will probably take place during the upcoming weekend and any plans for Christmas with her family will have to be put on hold. If this holds true we have assured her that once she is discharged and back in her home we will celebrate a second Christmas with her and will open her presents while she opens ours.

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