Saturday, December 23, 2006

Progress update from Melinda

Hi everyone…

Unfortunately the biopsy result was not what we were hoping for as there is a definite indication of cancer. Everything is still on the same plan - antibiotics for the next two weeks and then surgery and the doctor is of the opinion that there is no sign that the cancer has spread and is still enclosed within the intestine. If all goes well they will be able to remove the offending section and will also investigate to make sure none of it has adhered to any other organs. This is not quite what we were hoping for, but at least it is operable and we won't know much more until they actually open her up and see just what is what. Chemo will follow the surgery.


Cheryl would like everyone, when they think of the cancer, to surround the infection/inflammation with a white healing light (visualize). Then, take that same white light and surround it around the whole intestine and mass area so that it is protected and nothing escapes that area. Then (step 3) visualize Cheryl in a happy healthy place with everything cleaned up and all is okay. The whole part with doing this around the infection is to help the antibiotics clear it up. Getting the infection cleared up will help with getting the entire mass out in one piece. At the moment, with the infection, the mass is sticking to other organs.

With 250+ people on Cher’s email list, she would really like us to do this and trust in the power of the mind.

Thank you all so much…

Melinda xox

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