Friday, December 22, 2006

A message from Christina

LOL - I had to post this related story to you Melinda: I had arranged to have a rather spectacular bunch of flowers sent to Cheryl yesterday using a Vancouver area florist. (my theory from many hospital stays is that the more flowers you get, the better service you receive hahahaha). The (very nice) florist lady called me and said they could not deliver the flowers I had chosen, because the hospital said they would 'smell too strongly' for Cheryl's roommate. I said to the florist "GREAT. how about if I send a bunch of twigs, think would that be okay??" The florist cracked up and said not to worry, that they would come up with something, they've run into this before. I gave them my leave to create whatever they felt was best -- but have no idea what the heck kind of non-smelly flowers they were able to come up with that would be acceptable to the flower-hater. Maybe plastic?

Anyway - am glad Cheryl has a room to herself now - sounds like that roommate must have been a real gem :)

Huggz, Christina G from Chicago

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