Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post Surgery... On the move

It is 3:30pm here on the upper half of the globe and I just got off the phone after talking to Cheryl. For some unknown reason (most likely because the Vancouver General Hospital needs her room) she has received word that they are about to transport her to the University of British Columbia Hospital and that she should be ready to go within a few minutes. The ambulance guys appeared on the scene but suddenly were called on some other errand of mercy and there is no indication of just when they will be back, but it would appear that she will be moved sometime today or this evening.

Please let everyone know that it is no use on planning to visit her tonight as we are not sure where she will be and at this point I have no information regarding telephone numbers or such. The plan this afternoon was to send her home tomorrow but she is in considerable pain yet and finds it very difficult to get in or out of bed. They are trying some new pain killer drugs and as her surgeon is based at the UBC Hospital it might be that he wants her nearby so he can keep an eye on her progress and will be more able to determine if she is fit to be on her own or not.

I will forward any further information as I receive it but things are quite fluid at the moment.


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