Friday, July 4, 2008

Pain, pain, go away... come again another day (NOT)

Things have changed again and, in fact, I hesitate to give any guesses of what is about to happen as no one seems to know what they have in mind.

Cheryl was to be discharged today at 3:00 pm, but she is still in extreme pain and finally laid down the law to those at the UBC Hospital who seem to be totally ignoring her continual warnings of the pain; so she simply told them that she was refusing to go home as it would be totally impossible for her to cope there. Finally it seemed to get through to them that maybe she was not swinging the lead and was actually in pain, so she is now staying in the hospital and will until they are able to get the pain under control. They were planning to send her home with one day's supply of pain killer medicine with instructions for her to go to her GP if she needed more. She had to point out to them that GPs do not work on the weekend and just how was she supposed to get into his office in the first place? Her surgeon, who wrote out the one day prescription, is now back at VGH and out of reach so unable to amend the prescription to a proper amount; so the more we get into this saga the more eerie it appears to develop.

At this point I am unable to advise anyone of where or when she will be for the next day or so but she has promised to inform me of any new developments and I will let everyone know when that time comes. Isn't the BC medical system great?

- Bill

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kkaye76 said...

Hi Melinda & Bill.. Please tell Cheryl that she is always in my thoughts & prayers...
Thanks both of you for posting these posts and keeping us in the loop. Godspeed to all!