Friday, July 4, 2008

Pfft... not a happy camper

Cheryl was moved to the UBC Hospital yesterday afternoon and experienced a very uncomfortable ride during the ambulance ride as she felt every bump and thump along the way. She told me that she had no idea that Vancouver's roads were in such poor condition until she experienced their poor state at first hand.

She was not and is not a happy camper at the new hospital as no one seemed to realize or care about the severe pain that she is experiencing and, regardless of how she is feeling, she is being discharged today around 3:00 pm and will be on her way home.

One of the reasons being given for getting her out of the hospital so quickly is that there is too much danger of picking up an infection in our places of healing and any infections, such as staph, would be a very serious problem for her.

I would imagine that she will be a pretty tired and worn out girl tonight and that those wishing to get in touch with her might best delay their visitations or phone calls until tomorrow.

- Bill

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