Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post Surgery... progressing nicely

All is going according to plan in that Cheryl is progressing nicely and was able to get out of bed today and make her way about 25 feet down the hall before she decided that was plenty of distance for a first attempt at gymnastics.

They are now easing her off of the pain killer pump and will be switching to oral pills instead, which is a definite improvement. Tomorrow she will be meeting the physiotherapist and will probably be taking part in a bit of that person's skills. Hopefully she will be out of the hospital and back in her own digs by the weekend, but anyone wishing to get in touch with her can call her on the telephone and the most direct route for this would be to dial up: 604 875 5400 and ask for Extension 60701. If she is not undergoing one of the many procedures that the hospital staff insist on carrying out she will be only too happy to chat with any of her many friends.

Cheryl also finds the hospital food quite palatable, in fact, quite good, so if she has to stay for an extra day or two it will be quite okay.

That's all for now folks but thank you once again Melinda for keeping everyone up to date.

Fond regards - Bill

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