Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, March 12th - morning

Dear Bloggy,

Well, just a quickie post this morning because the next couple of days are probably going to be quite busy and I'm not sure if I'll get to the blog or not (watch, I'll end up posting lots of posts! hahahaha!).

Wow, yesterday Steve and I went to his parents for dinner and the rain was unbelievable!! We aren't just talking rain, but more like sheets of water. When we made it to Maple Ridge, we could see that there was going to be some problems with flooding because the ditches were alread overflowing up to the roads... and the fields looked like lakes. We had a great time with the family for birthday dinner.. total chaos with 7 adults and 3 kids, plus 1 dog and 8 rabbits (grin). I loved it! But coming home, what an adventure! We couldn't get out to the highway because all the roads to the highway were closed due to flooding. So we took the uh.. er.. scenic route. Yes, we did make it home, but it was definitely a roundabout way of getting there! LOL!

When I got home, there was an email waiting for me from Bonnie, my friend from Seattle who was going to take the Amtrak train up to Vancouver today to spend a few days here. Well, Amtrak called her to say the train was cancelled because of mudslides on the tracks (all this rain!!!). So, she is driving up instead. She just called me about half an hour ago to say that she has made it through the border and is on Canadian soil (grin). She should be arriving any time now.

She is going to show me how to scrapbook, both the traditional way with paper, stickers, fabric, etc. and the online way with software and my digital pictures. We are also going to make a tour of various scrapbooking stores, shopping in general and taking the dog out for walkies (thank goodness the rain has stopped and the sun is actually out today!)

Ok, on Wednesday we will also have to go to the medical lab on Burrard so they can take a kajillion vials of blood and do the bloodwork and have the results to my oncologist for our Friday visit. She needs to see the bloodwork results before chemo starts on Monday. This bloodwork will be the base foundation of what they will be comparing future blood work results too (white blood cell count, red blood cell count, etc).

So, I reckon we will have to throw some medical stuff in with the important stuff... like shopping and scrapbooking (grin). The only problem is Bonnie won't be up here long enough to get everything done that we want to do!! Hmmmm... this might mean she will have to come up for another trip in the near future (grin).

Ok, ta ta for now!


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Chet said...


I think all this Hospital stuff must be good for you. The pic that you now have posted is of some young lady who looks a lot younger than when I last saw you. Must be all the rain is acting like a Fountain of Youth,