Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007 - Chit Chat

Dear Blog,

Well, it does seem that I am slipping as I've noticed Tuesday was my last entry and it's now Saturday. Yikes! Where does the time go??

Let's see if I can remember back a few days... you know the memory is the first to go!! LOL! Wednesday was a shopping day... Mimi and I went out to Ikea in Richmond and (sigh) that's a very dangerous store!! I picked up some lovely cranberry material to make some new bedroom curtains. The curtains I had were a light, pale blue and, well, let's just say they had served their time. Also, because they were so light, it meant during the day the bedroom was always very bright. This normall is not a problem since I'd be at work and who spends time in the bedroom during the day, anyways?? But, I'm looking at the foreseeable future and IF I should need some quiet time for napping, then I would like one room in the apartment to be able to be darker and quiet... and that room will be the bedroom :) I also bought two gorgeous duvet covers with matching pillowcases. I don't know when I last bought a duvet cover, so the two or three I have are getting a little long in the tooth. It's soooo nice to have new ones... and soooo pretty!

Thursday, I had a meeting with some of the Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS) gang. TUTS is going to be doing Oklahoma! and Grease this summer... and they have a new board and staff with lots of ideas. It could be just what TUTS has needed... energy and new blood.

Friday, Steve O. and I went out to Richmond to Chapters early before we went to a play that evening. Oh oh.. more shopping! Thank goodness I had some gift certificates that I had received at Christmas, but even so, I spent more money that I really meant to. I am reading a terrific book right now... "At Home in Mitford" by Jan Karon. It is the first in a series of about 6 books, so I picked up the second and third one, as well as one of the Shopaholic books by Sophia Kinsella. Hahaha... I still have books that I had bought before going into the hospital that I haven't read, so now I have LOTS of reading material that should keep me going for a few months!! I also picked up two kits of lovely scrapbooking paper... even though I promised myself I wouldn't by any scrapbooking supplies until my friend, Bonnie, comes up here on Monday from Seattle. Hahaha... and I picked up more Suduko... just to drive myself crazy.

After doing sufficient damage at Chapters (Steve got away with buying only two books, but he had been at Chapters earlier in the week so that all counts as sufficient damage too), we then headed out to Cambie Secondary High School. The drama department, headed by our friend Patty Silver, was putting on the show "The Dining Room". It was directed by another friend (our friendship goes way back to high school), Karen Kelm. The play is a fabulous script! There are approx. 60 characters in it which makes it a really good script for a high school production, but it normally would be cast with 3 females and 3 males and they would do all the parts. After the play, we went out for something to eat, just like the old days!

Today, the weather people, unfortunately, were accurate with their forecast. RAIN!! But Bridget and I managed to get out on our morning walkies before the monsoons hit. We got a nice 2 mile walk in... we walked to Second Beach in Stanley Park and back. It was wonderful because there were not that many people out and about at that time of the morning and because of the threatening weather. We got about 2 blocks from home and it started to rain. Talk about good timing! It has been raining ever since. This afternoon I went to the seamstress and picked up my new bedroom curtains (yes, I took the lazy way out and had her cut and hem them) ... then came home and hung them... all by myself!! I was going to get Mimi to come down and help since it meant standing on the bed to hang them and my balance isn't the best.. but I got going and managed to take the old blue ones down and then got the new cranberry ones put up.

I've been puttering about in the apartment ever since and am thinking of heading to bed soon. But first... time to change all the clocks to an hour ahead! Don't forget... Daylight Savings Time hits at 2am :)

Tomorrow, Steve, Jo and I will be heading out to his parents' in Maple Ridge for Turkey Dinner!! It is the March birthdays for their family so big family din-dins! Now let's just hope this rain stops!


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