Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday, March 5th, 2007 - Broken Loo

Dear Bloggy,

It's Monday... the beginning of a new week! Well, I've alwys considered Monday to be the beginning of the week but is it? Or is Sunday the beginning of a week? Such a deep thought to contemplate (grin). I leave it with you, the reader to determine what is really the first day of the week and why you think so :)

Hahaha... well, this is kind of a funny story, but only funny in hindsight (grin). This morning, my toilet, the loo, decided to go on the fritz! Now, that is not a world disaster by any stretch of the imagination, so how do you think I'm going to make you believe that this is such a monumental event?? Welllll... let's just put it this way. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I have to go to St. Paul's Hospital for a colonoscopy... today is the prep day which means I am on a clear liquid diet all day (let me tell you, this is NOT as easy as it was before when I had no appetite!) and then this evening I do the intestinal cleanse. Does it now make sense why I need to be near a working loo tonight??? (grin)

Soooo... I call the landlord, but first I have to empty the bathroom vanity because it sits over top of the back of the loo, so it has to be emptied and then dismantled. Ron, the landlord, comes over to replace some kind of little pipe thingie that has rusted out... but finds he can't do it. Yikes! So he calls the plumber and we are told that they will try to get the plumber over today, but since they are really busy, it might not be until tomorrow. Uh.. but, but, but!!! (eeek!)

I do put my SECRET concept to work and I picture a plumber coming to the apartment today, either before I head out to my doctor's, or else after, when I get home. With that, I put on my coat, set up the walkman, grab my umbrella and I walk the 9 blocks to my doctor's. Today I get the staples removed from the PortaCath incision :)

It does feel good to get those staples out! It was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable because the skin was folded and stapled. But Dr. Fay is pleased with how well the incision has healed... no signs of wound issues at all :) We then discussed a few pains I've been feeling and he explained that with this surgery there are many, many layers that have to heal, so a sharp pain, especially when I do certain movements (like getting into bed, or into the car) is actually a good sign that the healing on the inside is doing just fine. Yayayaya!

I breathed a sigh of relief and told him that every now and again, when I get too much information from all the various specialists, I have to come see him so that he can reassure me that I'm just being paranoid. He gave me a big smile and said, "No problem! Anytime you need reassurance or an explanation of some procedure, you know where my door is."

EDIT: I forgot to finish the Loo story. When I got home from the doctor's, the plumber showed up about an hour later. He had some real problems getting the broken piece of pipe out and then decided that all of the innards (including the handle on the outside of the tank) had to be replaced. So I guess he was here close to 2 hours, but he got the loo fixed! Yayayayaya!! Alls well that ends well :)

Soooo, tomorrow is the colonoscopy that Dr. Brown (surgeon) will be doing. Let me tell you, I'll be real glad when this procedure is over and I'm at home! Hahaha.. first thing I'm going to do is eat something solid (grin)... and not a liquid beverage!! Mimi will be coming to the hospital to pick me up and we'll be coming straight home... in time for a nap and then getting ready to watch American Idol and House! (grin)

Talked to Steve tonight. His back has gone out on him, so luckily he doesn't have to work right now. I sure feel sorry for people who have bad backs, or back injuries. Back pain has got to be the worst!

Okey dokey... that's it for now! I'm not even sure what's on tv tonight... it may be a good night to just read!


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