Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 - Scrapbooking!

Dear Bloggy,

Oh, what a fun two days we've had so far! My online friend, Bonnie from Seattle, arrived in Vancouver yesterday, almost at noon on the dot! She has come up to show me how to do some scrapbooking techniques and basically give me the basics of how to start organizing my kajillions of photos I've taken over the years and put them together on fun, customized scrapbook pages. But FIRST, we had to go shopping to start collecting supplies! Monday was a "Scrapbook Shopping" day and oh-my-goodnes but this could get downright addictive and EXPENSIVE!! (grin) Just when you think that all you need is some paper, a few ribbons, glitter, etc... voila! There are a kajillion other things you need. The child in me LOVES paper, glitter, and creative tools, so I can see where I am going to have many, many entertaining hours. I was looking for a hobby of some sort that I could do at home because I really have no idea how many days there may be that I don't have my usual energy. If I do have to stay at home, then I certainly will need something to keep my mind and hands active... and this looks like my cup of tea!

Oh, but I'm ahead of myself! Bloggy, meet Bonnie :) I took this picture when we went to Granville Island to look at supplies. We had a very successful shopping day!

And here is a picture that Bonnie took of me! It was windy, which explains why both of our hair was blowing around. And yes, the sun was in our eyes but hey, look at the sky behind us! It ended up being a gorgeous day, considering all the rain we had the few days before this.

Hahaha - here are the two scrapbooking chicks!! Ok, ok, so maybe we weren't in a scrapbooking supply store, but we stumbled across this way kewl little hat store on the Island. It was sooooo neat! Just a little store tucked away with every kind of hat! Here we are modeling two hats (no, we didn't buy them), but I did end up buying two hats that may come in handy :)

Ahhh... the Pilates Goose! This goose cracked us up! It looked like she was doing Tai Chi or Pilates, balancing on one leg while contemplating the meaning of life. Then we got to thinking that maybe her leg was broken and she had been standing on her one leg on that beam for 6 weeks! Maybe she needed rescuing! Maybe... then she put her foot down and walked back along the beam to dry land... oh well :)

So, that was yesterday. We brought home all our packages of papers, tools, adhesives, etc. We took Bridget for a walkie, fed her, hung around for a bit, then went to Milestones for dinner. A full, but happy day! And I don't think we stopped chattering all day (grin)

Today, we were bound and determined to take Bridget to Second Beach for her morning walkie. I want to make sure that she gets her exercise and stimulation in, which, in turn makes sure that I get my fresh air and exercise in too. So Bonnie and I took Bridget on a jaunt to Second Beach in Stanley Park. Hahahaha... poor Bridget looked like a drowned rat and it doesn't help that she has not had her grooming yet! I'm waiting for the weather to warm up before she gets her short haircut.

Hahaha... not the best morning to go walking! Not only had it already started raining when we started out about 9am, it was cold out! The rain did sort of stop at one point, long enough that we got to Second Beach (about 1 mile from home), but when we headed back, the rain started again, then the hail started! OUCH!! OUCH!! Time to dry off, towel down the dog, change into a dry coat, and then head out to breakfast. After that, we came home and spent the day playing with scrapbooking stuff.

This is my very first scrapbook page that I created by figuring out a colour scheme that goes together, then the layout. The photo is a picture of Bridget taken in the summer awhile back, so the little brown tag gives a description of the photo.

Hahahaha... this is just ONE picture and it was today's project! So, considering I have years of photos, well, you can just imagine how many hours of scrapbooking I have ahead of me to preserve my photos. Tomorrow (Wed), we have to go get some bloodwork done, then Bonnie is going to show me how to do scrapbooking online on the computer.

Ahhhhhh... it is now the pumpkin hour (midnight), so time for me to get to bed. Another busy, full day ahead tomorrow. Let's hope I don't forget to get that bloodwork done since Dr. Gill will need the blood work results for Friday afternoon (grin).




stephanie said...

I think you look great in the green coat picture
You look terrific!

stephanie said...

You look great in the green coat picture
You look terrific!

Lynda Boyd said...

Hey lady,

Lynda B. here dialing in from Los Angeles. It is so great to read your blog and stay posted on your progress. Keep it up! I am rooting for you! I have to say that I DO NOT miss Vancouver weather, especially all the monsoon rain I keep hearing about. I discovered that after 40 years in that city, I have that S.A.D. thingy where the rain and dark gray send me plunging, so it's better for the mood to be in sunnier climes. I may be up in April and would love to see you...I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep up the amazing recovery!!! xoxox