Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday, March 16th, 2007 - Oncologist Appt./The Wiz

Hi Bloggy,

Now I'm in catch up mode. It's truly amazing how the days can get ahead of one and before you know it, a few days have gone by without me giving you any updates, Bloggy. So, let's see if I can catch us up and get ready for next week.

Let's see... on Friday, I saw Dr. Sharlene Gill, my oncologist. Actually, Jo was working at the Cancer Agency today, so she managed to sneak away for a few minutes and found me in the waiting room. So we got to have a quick little visit before I was called to go in and Jo had to go back to work.

This was the visit before the chemo treatments start, so Dr. Gill went over the CAT scan which I had done the other week. She also had received the bloodwork results from this past Wednesday. The bloodwork results form the "baseline" that any future results would be compared against. She says all looks pretty good and we will go ahead with the chemo on Monday. There is some question about some lymph nodes in the upper abdomen which are somewhat enlarged. She said that we will be keeping an eye on these, although, for the life of me, I have no idea how one keeps an eye on lymph nodes. I reckon that means with future CAT scans and the bloodwork that I have to get done before each chemo treatment. I'm just going to go with the understanding that IF these nodes do have cancer in them, then once the chemo gets into the blood system, the toxins (chemo drugs are all toxins), will kill them off. If I'm wrong and it proves otherwise, well, we'll soon find out and I'll report it here on Bloggy.

Anywho... after the oncologist appt, I headed home and took Bridget for a nice long walk. She does love her walkies and if it's not raining, I like them too :D

We got home in time for me to get changed and slap some makeup on. Pat Waldron and Dawn Ewen were picking me up at 6pm and we were off to North Vancouver to Capilano College to see their production of "The Wiz". The Wiz never has taken off as a musical as some of the others, and of course, it's biggest competition has always been The Wizard of Oz. Interesting that a college would put this on and do it as a white ensemble cast, since it is written as an all black cast. I wasn't sure how they were going to pull this off, but they did! It was a fine production and some performances (Tin Man and Scarecrow, and even the Lion played by a female) were spectacular. Those three kids definitely have a career ahead of them as far as I'm concerned. Our friend, Shelley Hunt, choreographed the show and her choreography was really good. I didn't realize there were so many talented dancers in a college theatre program, but they really were good. Another friend, Kevin Michael Cripps was the musical director and he did a superb job with the music... and what a great little orchestra he had (again, musicians from the college). Overall, I give high marks to everyone involved with this production, but I think the top marks must go to the students from the "Costumes for Film and Theatre" program. They did all the costumes for the production and they were definitely top-rate! I'm so used to community theatre where we have to beg, borrow and steal costumes... but this company had costumes built from scratch and designed specifically for this show. They were fabulous!

After the show, Pat, Shelley, Dawn and myself went out for something to eat at Moxie's on Davie. It was neat to have a girls' night out! But I had no idea it was as late as it was! When Dawn and Pat dropped me off at home, it was 1:15am!! Yikes!


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Bonnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Good for you!!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow afternoon ... just wanted to post a quote I came across today and made me think of how you are dealing with everything:

"If people only knew the healing power of laughter and joy, many of our fine doctors would be out of business. Joy is one of Nature's greatest medicines. Joy is always healthy. A pleasant state of mind tends to bring abnormal conditions back to normal." Catherine Ponder