Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 - mid week

Hi Bloggy,

Well, nothing too exciting to report, which could explain why it's been a couple of days since I've posted an entry. Right now, I'm watching the 2 hour American Idol-AID special, meanwhile, I have a little four-legged diva sitting at my feet complaining because she wants her evening baby carrots (grin). She is such a routine girl... heaven help us once we get into a routine she likes and I'm late for it! My name is mud... and there is no excuse as far as she is concerned that is acceptable. When she wants her baby carrot, she wants it NOW!

Oh, but there was a funny incident yesterday. I forget what it was I was cooking on the stove, but sure enough, I spilled some of it on the hot burner, which of course caused the smoke alarm to squeal (not unusual when I cook). Well, Miss B. does NOT like the high pitched alarm and as soon as she smells burnt anything, she makes a run for the bedroom. She is terrified of any high pitched noise and the smoke alarm is one of her worst enemies! Anywho... I just let her go pout in the bedroom and I continued cooking whatever it was I was cooking.

A little while later, I went into the bedroom to check on her. Hahahaha! Her little Royal Highness had set up camp in bed, on her Mommy's side, not only amongst the bedding, but with the pink fuzzy blanket with the satin lining. She was quite content, thank you very much!! Hahahaha!

Well, I plum wore myself out this past weekend. What with going to the theatre Sat night with Steve O., Jo, Don, Steve S., Alan and Colleen to see Pat W. in the closing night of Sand Castles and not getting home until 1am, then on Sunday we celebrated a belated birthday for Steve and an early birthday for Jo.. well, let's just say on Monday I was knackered big time! And I paid for it... ended up napping a lot on Monday.

Tuesday, I went to see Dr. Gill (oncologist) and her assistant oncologist. They are both very pleased with how well I'm doing and both confirmed that my blood work is excellent. The results from the bloodwork show that the bone marrow is in excellent health/shape. Since the white blood cells are created in the bone marrow, this is a very good thing.

She did send me for an ECG while I was there, though. She was a little concerned about the reaction I had had after the second Chemo... that Tuesday morning when Bridget and I went out for our morning walkies and the cold air shut my throat down and hampered with my breathing. For a couple of days after that, I had a "heavy" feeling in my chest, so she wants to make sure my heart is ok and get a "baseline" for the heart, should I have any other problems with breathing/chest because of the Oxalpilatin(sp?) chemo drug. Well, the ECG came back just fine. Strong heart, no murmurs or skips. So it's just one of those weird side affects. Apparently, the tingling and super sensitivity to the cold in the hands and feet is very common... the throat and breathing problems is not as common, but is definitely caused by this chemo drug.

So, next Monday I go for Chemo #4. Then, even though I'll be hooked up to the chemo pump, I'll have to go back to the Cancer Agency the next day and go to the Radiation department where they need to take a scan and get the info needed for when I start Radiation (May 14th). Then on May 10th, it's back to see Dr. Gill because she will be putting me on an oral (pill form) of chemo which I'll be taking twice/day for the whole 5 weeks I'm getting the radiation.

All I can say is thank goodness for date books. One has to write EVERYTHING down, otherwise there is no way one would be able to remember where one has to be and when :) I sure hope I have mine up to date and haven't forgotten anything!!

Well, back to American Idol I go. Will be back soon... well, in a day or two :D


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Anonymous said...

Good news on your bloodwork being so good.

Hugs, Maryann W.