Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007 -- Forgtful Memory

Arrrrgh Bloggy!

I can't believe it... or maybe I should?? I didn't remember today was Friday. I have no idea what day I thought it was, but for some reason it didn't dawn on me that it was Friday.... and I totally forgot to go to the lab on Burrard St. to get my blood work done for the chemo on Monday!! Arrrrrrgh!! That surprises the heck out of me because, although my memory can be affected by Chemo Brain, I have never forgotten something like this! And the thing was, I was at home all day today. I could have gone up at any point, which is why I asked Dr. Gill if I could go to the Burrard lab, which is closer to home, than the Cancer Agency lab, which is that much further away and I'd have to drive.

Well, I don't think all is lost. I will get myself to the Cancer Agency in the morning on Monday and tell them my plight and that I have a 2:15pm chemo appt, so if they could slip me in and get it done. Then I'll drive to Steve's place, and come back with him in the afternoon for the chemo which will be from 2:15 - 6pm or so. Gotta remember to arrange with Robyn/Graie to take Bridget out in the afternoon because it looks like it's going to be a long day for me on Monday... only to have to get up early on Tuesday to be back at the Cancer Agency at 8:45am for the Radiation scan.

Let's see... what else has happened around here? Oh yes, Peggy and Greg came over to my place yesterday and we had a Hair and Pizza do!! Greg flatironed my hair again, so it looks great! Even though I'm losing hair each time I brush, touch or wash it... I have so much of it, that the flatironing actually takes a long time to do, hence why it looks way better when Greg does it than when I do it!

Peggy and Greg discussed how she would like her hair and she said that how she'd really like it, other hairdressers have told her they couldn't do it because her hair wouldn't suit it. But Greg figured that it wouldn't be a problem if cut with "deep points" vs "cut straight". I'm not sure of the terminology but suffice it to say, Peggy told Greg to do whatever he felt would work... and away he went at it. We had soooo much fun!! Greg was snipping away, we were all laughing and talking, then the pizza came. I made a Caesar Salad and we took a break while we ate. Then Gray's Anatomy came on, so the hair salon switched over to in front of the tv .

Here is the before sort of picture... when Greg was just starting out with Peggy's hair. She has gorgeous hair and I'm sooooo jealous! It is already straight. Of course, the curse of straight hair is that if you DO want to do something different and maybe have some curls, the curls don't stay longer than 20 minutes :D

And here we have the "AFTER" picture with the blunt cut bangs. The picture doesn't do total justice because what you can't see is the wisps/feathers all down both sides of the face. It truly looks gorgeous and Peggy was really happy with the end result!

So now, Greg has been given orders never to move out of town... and we have to get together in 6 weeks to have another hair/pizza night. Then in the summer we will have a hair/pool day :D

Ok... it's 10pm on Friday night. I did absolutely nothing today, and as I mentioned above, didn't even think about going for the blood work today. I was kind of sluggish. But I have a bit more energy tonight. Not enough to have gone out anywhere, but I do have a load of laundry in the washer, so I'm going to run downstairs and put it in the dryer. That will be nice to get it done before the weekend :)

I also have dishes in the kitchen to wash, dry and put away (no, I do not have a dishwasher) (grin). Also, I believe the Barbara Walters special on 20/20 is about to start... so I'm torn. Do I finish watching Notting Hill with (hubba hubba) Hugh Grant, or do I switch over to the Special?

Ciao for now!


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Bonnie said...

Oh Cheryl - bummer about the missed appointment! But I'm sure it will all work out.

Hope you were abel to enjoy this glorious weekend - wasn't it nice to see the sun?