Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007 - Catch up

Hello Weekend Bloggy!

Yep, I'm slipping, I haven't put in an entry since the great hair makeover! And now, I'm on my own. Somehow, I have to recreate the look all by myself today. I swear there should be a law that one's Hair Wizard should never live more than 5 mins. away and be on call 24/7 (grin).

Let's see... this week, Chemo Session #3 has gone very well. I was actually quite shocked at just how well it's gone. The only noticeable (pain in the butt) side affects this week is the hyper-sensitivity to the cold. I mean, it's not even cold outside and yet, I have to wear a winter coat, gloves and in some cases, a wool scarf. And that doesn't help the legs. Even when I wear long pants, this week the backs of my legs all went tingly and frozen. Pain in the butt, let me tell you!

Anywho, I was expecting Thurs and Fri to be my rough days. But I woke up Thurs morning to gorgeous spring sunshine and I felt great!! No sign of nausea, headache, fatigue... nothing! So Bridget and I went for a 1 mile morning walkie and I felt GREAT after that (other than the cold stuff). So, you'd THINK I'd just enjoy the fact I felt great, right? Noooooo! I was on a mission! I took myself out for breakfast (yum... went to the Dutch Pannekoek House on Robson), then because it was so beautiful and I had treated myself to a lovely breakfast, I decided to walk it off, so walked up the hill (Robson) and then down to pay work a visit. Had a wonderful visit with my co-workers... will add pictures at the bottom of this blog entry... and disrrupted everyone from what they were doing. Then, I not only walked back home (1 1/2 miles), but had to take Bridget out again once I got home. Still, felt like my old self, so all totaled I walked 4 1/2 miles on Thursday.

Ha! Well, it hit me on Friday. Could I not have just kept the walking to oh, 2 1/2 miles on Thurs??? The fatigue on Friday was pretty intense! I did take Bridget out in the morning, but we literally only walked a half mile, tops. Just enough to do her business and give her some fresh air. The rest of the day was spent napping, reading and more napping. I can't believe I ended up also sleeping through the whole night last night after sleeping most of the day. I guess I was tired :)

Sooooo... here it is, now Saturday. It started off as sunny this morning but the clouds are rolling in. Forecast is for some showers later in the day, but then it should clear up sometime tomorrow. I'm just going to take it easy at home this afternoon. Well, I'm not sure about easy... I'll be washing my hair and trying to replicate what Greg has done with it because tonight a bunch of us are going to Metro Theatre to see a friend, Pat, in the current production of "Sand Castles". Tonight is closing night. I'll be driving out with Steve and Don since I'm not sure I should be driving that far after yesterday's fatigue.

Meanwhile... here are some more photos... of my visit with the gang at work and some of the unfortunates who couldn't escape my camera (grin), and then some of the flowers/trees on the walk home from work.

The two trainer chicks! Charmaine is now holding down the fort while I'm on sebbatical (grin)

Here I am with my buddy, Ken. Hey Ken, what fort are you holding down?? I have to get you something to do!! (grin)

Ok, here I am with Boss-man, my manager, Kerry. But alas, the bum is going to retire next month!! So he won't be there when I get back!! Traitor, I tell you!! (grin)

Ahhh! Can we spell TROUBLE? Yes, Mala and I... a very dangerous combination!

Here I am with Shirley P.! We have worked together over the years and gone back so far, well, I think we are both older than dirt! It has got to be a good 30 years that we've worked in one form or another at the same office.

And then a group shot -- Dan, myself, Ken, Mala and Shirley sitting in front. The rest of the gang... beware! When I next come to visit, you have no idea if I'll have my camera or not!

This is one of my favourite streets. Ok, so this isn't a street, it's an apartment garden. I just love it when someone makes the outside of their apartment look so country-fied!

It's getting a little late in the season, but on some of the sheltered streets, you can still find the Japanese Cherry Blossoms around the city. The white/pink ones are gone, but now the pink pom-pom like ones are here.

These purple tulips are interesting. Last year, in this same garden, they were so deep a purple they looked black. This year, they are an actual purple. Not sure why, but there you have it :)

It's been kind of a weird spring! The daffodils came up really early and there are still a ton of them around! Usually once the tulips come up, the daffodils are over, but not this year!

I think rhodies have to be one of my favourite flowers! Here are some early red ones that have sprung up. My other favourite is the azalea. They have started blossoming around, but it will be a couple more weeks before they are out in full force.

Ok, had to put this one here. Not sure if the detail will show up on the blog, but this was a pretty exquisite blossom and would make a terrific background wallpaper on the computer :)

Ciao for now!



Bonnie said...

I'm glad you're doing so well!!!! And I hope you were able to manage your new hairstyle solo ;) All your energy puts me to shame, I am so jealous of all your walking. Need to just 'do it' myself.

MAX Redline said...

Lookin' good, kid!