Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 - Greg, the Hair Wizard!!

Dear Bloggy,

Well today was the day of the Extreme Hair Makeover!! And oh my, what a day it was! Greg was coming over after work for dinner and American Idol. While watching Idol, he was going to give me a hair makeover. Now, I have to admit, I had no idea what he planned to do, and in all fairness, I've never ever been totally pleased with any haircut I've ever gotten. Mostly it's because, no matter how I leave the salon, within an hour or two it goes it's own way and I can never duplicate what the hair stylist did. So I wasn't expecting too much different tonight, other than it would be good to get rid of some of the dead hair and weight of it. Between the weight of the hair and the chemo, it was coming out by the handfuls/brushfuls and I could just see this not stopping (grin).

This is my hair before Greg got his scissors on it. Note the scraggly ends, the frizzy sides and those very scary bangs!! Yes, one should never do their own bangs... there's a reason for this! They come out looking horrible. Then add a little curl to the mix and they no longer look like bangs!! They just look like a mistake!! (grin).

So, here we are watching American Idol. Greg would have me turn this way, that way, head back, head forward... snip, snip, snip. Prior to snipping away, he had me buy two Aveda products that he uses when he flat irons hair. Aveda is a fabulous line of natural hair products and I could see why he recommends these and why I should have them myself. So he showed me how to use these two products if I was going to use a flat iron on my hair (next purchase will definitely be a flat iron!!)

So, while we were still watching tv, Greg was using his flat iron on my hair. Every now and again, I would reach up to touch a part he had done and I loved the feel of it! So smooth and you could tell it was shiny just by the touch. I have NEVER had shiny hair, like the hair you see in magazines!!

I had no idea what my hair looked like... just could feel it. You should have seen my jaw drop when he was finished and gave me the mirror to look at!! My mouth and jaw dropped in shock!! I loved it!!! Here is the Extreme Hair Makeover, done by sitting in a kitchen chair in the living room, watching tv!!

Is this not BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL??? It feels soooo good! Much lighter and finally I have a hair cut that I love. I can shake my head and the hair falls back into place, just like it does on the hair commercials! Not only that, when you run your hands through it, it FEELS healthy!! A comb or brush goes through it now without pulling or tugging... and the hair is NOT falling out like it was!!

Here is a picture of Greg the Wizard and me with my new do:

Aren't we cute?? (grin) I am so happy with my new do and Greg is happy that I'm happy!! I was so happy that I called Mimi and told her she had to come downstairs right now and see my new hair. She said she was in her pajamas, but I told her she doesn't have to go outside, come straight down the stairs :D So she did, wondering why she was coming downstairs when I'd see her in the morning (chuckle). But she, too, was amazed at the transformation from bush-hair to shiny, smooth shorter hair :) She took this picture of Greg and moi :)

Then we have my Britney Spears big smile under a hat with the new do:

Ok, maybe not Britney Spears, but doesn't she always wear a hat when she has short hair and have that big smile where she's grinning from ear to ear? That will be me tonight (grin).

Anywho... that was what we did tonight and in all my years of getting haircuts, I have never been so happy with one as I am with this one. I have had many compliments on hair cuts in the past and people seem to have liked them, but it was something I couldn't understand because I wasn't particularly happy with them. But this one I'm ecstatic about! So poor Greg will now have to put up with me for the rest of his life (chuckle)... I hope he knows what he's gotten himself into!

And if anyone in the Vancouver area is looking for a hair stylist, I highly recommend Greg...and yes, he is taking on new clients :)



Kathy said...

Cheryl, Greg is a real wizard! What a great "do"!

I loved all the pictures you put up of your walk through the neighborhood. It looks as if spring has sprung up your way. All our cherry blossoms left a couple of weeks ago. Guess it takes spring a little longer to get to you.

Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

OH, MY GOD....YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! FOXY!! Please tell Greg to come to Michigan for a quick cut and color. You look super modern, fit, fabulous and incredibly healthy. You have to keep this if you can...even when all this chemo is done and everything is back to normal. I would even think about a wig that matches this look so nobody will know the difference. I'm sorry I've been so busy that I haven't been checking in lately....but I'm so glad that things are going along good...and wth this new haircut...good looking!!! xo Sheryl with an S

Diane said...

Damn! Lookin' good!

Susan S said...

Woman, you sure clean up good. It's amazing what a little hair loss will do for one. How does the little Diva like it? Does she recognize Mommy? Love and lots of Hugs, Susan S.

Bonnie said...

Oh Cheryl - what an awesome haircut! It's funny, I have straight hair and am so jealous of your curl - I can't imagine why you'd want to use a flat iron ;) LOL. But it does look wonderful on you, Greg is a wizard!!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, happy & healthy!
Have a great day!

Melinda said...

Wowee! You look fantastic, Cher! I agree with Bonnie, I have fairly straight hair, too, and am always trying to bouf it into some kind of fullness, lol.