Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Dear Blogster,

Ok, who turned off the heat in our early spring weather?? I mean, sure, it's still February and we've been having the typical PNW drizzle and rain, but along with those clouds we had been experiencing lovely, mild temps. Today, it was downright chilly... and rumour has it that outside of the Vancouver area, municipalities were actually getting (gasp) SNOW! Now that's a scary concept!! (grin)

Of course, no snow here in the West End, just rain. My little diva, Miss Bridget, loves to go out, but definitely plays the "poor me" card when she comes home all wet. We then have to do the production number of bringing out the big fluffy towel and rubbing her dry. Oh, but it doesn't stop there... I must leave the towel on top of her so that she can snuggle under it. This is NOT a normal doglet... she is a child in a schnauzer suit!

So now, how many of you did manage to see the Oscars? I LOVE Oscar-mania every year! And I was really impressed with Ellen Degeneres as the host this year. Ok, to be fair, I must admit that Billy Crystal is the all time King of Oscar Hosts and is very, very funny. But since he has said that he won't be doing it again, it's time to move on and find a new King or Queen of Oscar hosts and I think Ellen may just be the one to fit those shoes. Her humour is much more subtle, but she had some wonderfully brilliant moments. When she told Penelope Cruz to lift her "big" dress while she vacuumed under it... classic! Of course when she had Stephen Spielberg take a digital picture of her with Clint Eastwood... and then had him do it again since he didn't centre it to her liking, that will go down in Oscar history (grin).

Ok, now those of you who know me, you know that I really enjoyed the movie Dreamgirls, and yes, I'd go see it again! I know Steve and Jo didn't care for the movie and a lot of others have said the same thing. I had to agree that when the three girls sang the three nominated songs that were up for best song in a movie category, they did a really bad job. These gals can sing, but for some reason, it just sounded like they were screeching. And this coming from me, a fan of the movie! Anywho... when it was over and Ellen was back at the mike, she had us all laughing when she said, "Well, I'd hate to follow that act", which had such a double entendre to it... she is very quick on her feet without ever making anyone feel uncomfortable.

I guess I could go on and on about the various celebs and their reactions. I don't think there were really too many surprises this year, other than everyone thought Eddy Murphy (Dreamgirls) was a shoe-in for Best Supporting Actor and he lost to Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine). That was one of the surprises. The other one was the Most Original Screenplay - Little Miss Sunshine. We all thought one of the bigger blockbuster movies would have taken it. All in all, I enjoyed the show this year... and now it's done for another year :)

Not to much to report on the personal front. The bruising from getting the PortaCath put in last Thursday is really showing up now, but at least the muscle pain is now going away. I don't need to rely on the T3s as much as I was on the weekend (phew!) I will call Dr. Fay's office in the morning and set up an appt. for next Monday to have the staples taken out. I hope the bruising has gone down by then. I can just see it now... I show up to his office all black and blue and have him ask why I didn't come in earlier... uh, cause it's just a big old bruise?? :)

Meanwhile, today I talked to Colleen from CPP Disabilities. She wanted to touch base and had a few questions, then explained that CPP has some pretty strict criteria for qualifying for a CPP benefit. I'm not exactly sure how it all works but she is going to get in touch with me in the next couple of days... not sure if that means she will be able to tell me that I've qualified for the CPP Disabilities pension or not. Meanwhile, I guess it's all just paperwork because whether or not I qualify for CPP does not affect my Long Term Disabilities plan through Great West Life (although, they still have to make a decision on whether I qualify or not). Meanwhile, I do need more copies of the medical reports and since my printer/scanner/copier does not appear to be working (grrrrr), I will have to make some extra copies at the office. Oh well, that gives me a good excuse for another visit to the office to see the work gang :) :) I'm not complaining about that!

Now if it would only warm up a little bit! Doug and I went out for dinner tonight and just went to the restaurant next door to our little park next door. So the walk was not even a block away... but we froze!! We just went to the pub downstairs at The Boathouse. I don't know why I haven't been there more often... they have a nice menu and it's never so busy you feel rushed or crowded. It sure is convenient being so close by!

Ok... time to go!



Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the Oscars!! My husband, Sam and I totally agree with you. Ellen was really good...a touch nervous but worked herself out of it. Was totally shocked that Allen Arkin got the Oscar and not Eddie. Love, love, love Jennifer Hudson. I hope she turns into this incredible performer and not some jaded Diva...not that there's anything wrong with Divas! HA! Also loved how she said America voted out Jennifer Hudson but voted in Al Gore! And I loved the Leonardo DiCaprio speech with Al Gore and the music cut him off! Classic!
I know that Martin Scorsese had to win...but I think it was fixed and everyone knew who was going to win before hand because why in the world would they have Spielberg, Lucas and Coppola there ready to hand out the Oscar. AND, isn't it a coincedence that Jack Nicholson was right there to hand out the BEST MOVIE Oscar?? Hmmmmm

Once I had an Oscar party at my house and I got all dressed up in an old bridesmaid's dress that I had and greeted people at the door with a made up statue. It was so much fun!!!

I'm glad to see things are coming along'll be fine in no time. Keep that little, Diva warm and I'll touch base with you soon!!! xo Sheryl with an S

Elf DebC/KC said...

I didnt watch as much as I had planned but saw some of the great speaches. Oh I DO love the red carpet walks. The clothes just mesmorize!

HA Bridget sure knows how to pull those Mommy strings doesnt she? LOL My Danny dog loves to be dried off too! He makes yummy noises the whole time I am buffing him dry!

Hope the bruise disappears soon. I know its just a big ol' bruise but they can be tender when they are deep.