Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Dear Diary (grin),

That's exactly what it feels like when doing blog entries. It's like way back when... when the big thing was to have one of those daily diaries that would lock and you would keep the key in a secret place because in the diary were your most important thoughts. Well, now here we are in 2007 and there is no need for a key because one can express their thoughts in an "online diary", aka as a blog. It's kind of amazing to think how we've evolved into the electronic age. I mean, kids nowadays know all about blogs and online communications as soon as they start school... they have never known any different. It kind of makes us baby boomers seem like pioneers of some sort... pioneers of what, I'm not sure, but we beez pioneers (grin).

So, what is there to report today. Well, I can't remember if I mentioned that yesterday, when Dr. Fay was here at the apartment, he brought the prescription 3-copy pad for narcotic prescriptions, but when he opened it to write out a prescription for my pain meds, he realized he had brought a finished book! Arrrrgh! Now, he has warned me ever since he gave me the first prescription for these narcotic pain meds that once the surgery was done, he wants to wean me off of them because the last thing I need is to become addicted to them, then have to go through withdrawal. But, he said he will give me another refill of the med since the meds are keeping the pain under control, but when I've tried to go longer periods without them, it can get pretty rough. I agree with him... the last thing I want is to become addicted to anything and the more meds I can get off, the better!

Well, I did get a bit of a chuckle this morning. I guess he thought he could call up the drug store that I go to and give the order over the phone, which of course, with the narcotics he can't because they need copies of the prescription request, as well, the person picking it up has to sign for it. So, at lunch, he walked down to my drugstore (8 blocks from his office) and dropped the prescription off, then walked back to the office. I think that was incredibly nice of him to do that. He could have said that he has the prescription ready and for me to send someone to his office to pick it up, but he actually hand-delivered it to the drugstore. Mimi and Nathan are going to pick it up when they take the dogs out for their evening walkies :)

This afternoon, Steve and Don dropped in for a visit. My brother, Don, also came by. He came to get Bridget and the two of them went walking into Stanley Park, our wonderful natural city park that, unfortunately, had a lot of damage done to it during the last two windstorms. My little 13 lbs of Diva Terrier managed to drag my brother to and from the park and was ready for more... although right now, she is all tuckered out and sound asleep on the couch :)

Sooooo... it's now time to make a nice cuppa' hot tea and get all ready for the next round of American Idol. Hehehe... I don't even know why I'm watching the episodes that are the auditions. I can't believe so many truly bad singers even attempt to try out for American Idol. They are soooo bad that I can't help but wonder if some of them are plants, hired by the production company to make a fool of themselves on national television. But, yes, this will be me watching it again tonight!! :)

I have a request: I have been thinking a lot about how all the support, positive thoughts, positive visualizations and prayers that all of you have given to me has played a huge role in boosting my confidence and getting me through this rough time. I have always believed in positive thinking alwas wins over negative thinking but now I can honestly say I have seen the results of the strength of group thinking. We can move mountains if we all have a common goal.

So, with that in mind, I would like everyone to take a moment to send some positive thoughts/visualizations/prayer to Rita Crouch, a gal who is going through a very, very rough time with cancer. Here is an email I received today from a very dear friend, a friend who has seen how I have thrived on the love and support of all of you, my family and friends...

I just wanted to ask if maybe
your very powerful group of friends could take the time
to have a positive thought moment for my friend and co-worker
Rita Crouch
who is very sick
she is a good, kind person who has been hit with a very severe
fast moving cancer
so any help we can give her will be greatly appreciated

Hey, I KNOW that we have a lot of powerful energy as a group and if we all send some of that positive energy to Rita, it can only help her through her journey as well!

Thanks everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful Dr. you have there, Missy...

Sounds like the little Diva had a day...LOL It's so great that you have family and friends to help you out so much...

Tell them they are getting a great big 'ol hug from Colorado!


Elf DebC/KC said...

Cheryl you have the best doctors I have ever heard of! Not since I was a little girl have I heard of a doctor so hands on.

I have put a prayer in your thread over at TLC for Rita. I also am a great believer in group prayer. I pray that Rita will be yet another example to His mercies!

Sounds like Bridget is making out like a little bandit over your illness. Never before has she had so many different people taking her for her walkies! LOL!

Diane said...

I'm still in awe that you have a doctor that makes housecalls in this day and age...but pharmacy calls? WOW!!

And consider white and healing light and good thoughts sent Rita-ward from the Oregonian portion of the world!