Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 - GOOD NEWS!

Today was an exciting day! One that I probably won't forget.

Dr. Fay (GP) came to my apartment today to check out my incision (I was a little concerned about it) and to see what I needed in the way of my med refills. He assured me that the incision was fine and totally normal to be bleeding a little because I'm more physically active at home than I was at the hospital.

He then said that the pathology results are in... and the news is good. When in the OR and having all the bits of pieces taken out, sewed up, rearranged, etc... Dr. Brown (surgeon) found a very suspicious "nodule". Now, I didn't think to ask where this nodule was, but I will when I next see him. So the suspicious nodule went down to pathology along with the other things that had been taken out. I did not know about this nodule after the surgery and it is probably just as well I didn't.

The pathology results came back and the nodule was benign, and all other bits and pieces that went to pathology showed absolutely no signs of the cancer having spread anywhere!! YAYAYAYAYA!! This news is apparently huge because had the nodule come back as cancerous, then it would be a whole different story that the doctor would be telling me. That would mean that, even though the CAT scan had not shown any sign of the cancer spreading, the malignant nodule would mean that it had spread and we would now be talking a serious cancer, possibly even terminal.

I'm still trying to absorb it all. All along, I just assumed that it was a cut and dry surgery... and with all the positive visualizations everyone was doing and sending my way, that the results after surgery would be positive. So it did come as a bit of a shock to me that there was a very real possibility it could have been otherwise. This just confirms my believe that positive thinking, positive energy and yes, prayer from all my friends who have faith in prayer has paid off big time in my situation.

I will be seeing my Doctor (GP), Dr. Fay, on Friday because he will be taking out some of the staples then, so I will ask just where this nodule was that was taken out. Meanwhile, the referral to the BC Cancer Agency will now get sent and at some point I'll get a call to go in for a consultation with the oncologists. It will be the oncologists that will decide on what form of followup treatment I'm going to need. From what I understand, this is a preventative measure to zap any possible single cancer cells that may be roaming around. As careful as they are during surgery, one can not ever be sure that a couple of cells may not have escaped.

Soooooo... this is definitely a good news day!!

It's getting late here so time for me and the little Diva to head to bed. Hopefully I can stay awake to watch Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight, but I am starting to nod off :)



Kathy said...

Yeehaw!! Cheryl, that is absolutely wonderful news!! The power of amazingly healing white light is wonderful :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent news!
Keep 'yer colon happy...give it a big kiss from all of us! Slow down, don't be bustin' any stitches!

And get your rest...The Daily Show? That's on super late here in Michigan...so if you're staying up late to watch him...that's not good...git some sleep! ;)

Sheryl with an S

Diane said...

Back home at Divas R Us - where you belong...and with the best of news reports!

What more could Friends of Cheryl want to hear? [beaming grin]

BTW, you are amazing...who else in the whole wide world still gets house calls from a doctor? [absolutely amazed and truly dumb-struck look] I love it!

Bonnie K said...

YAYAYAYAYA! That is fabulous news! Now you can just focus on healing up.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!!! I totally agree, all the positive vibes, thoughts, visualizations and pray is nothing but, simply amazing...

Now keep focused on 100% healing.. It has happened!