Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Dear Journal,

I missed doing an entry yesterday but then I think that's because I ended up being so tired, I was sleeping more than being up :) I can definitely see major improvements in recovery each day... and this was confirmed by my doctor today (Friday).

But let's go back to yesterday. I felt quite energetic and decided that today was the day I was going to attempt the stairs in my apartment building. So, I headed out with a load of laundry. Now, before anyone freaks out.. it was not a heavy load of laundry and it was in a fabric laundry bag, so it's not like I had to carry it down the stairs... I could drag it behind me, or throw it down the stairs in front of me . So, down I went... two flights of stairs, and did very well, I might add. No problems, although I could tell the legs were not quite used to using the muscles that are used when going down stairs. I put the load of laundry in the washer and felt like I could go up and get a second load. Hahaha... going back up the stairs was... well, interesting. Absolutely amazing how the muscles in the legs have forgotten how to work... well, they worked but they were a little wobbly. Anywho... I got the second load of laundry and down I went again. This time, when I came up, I realized that I had hit my limit... so I called Mimi who lives upstairs and she finished doing my laundry (drying the first load, then drying the second load). I was pretty tired by now, so decided to have a nap... but went into a deep sleep. I didn't even hear Mimi when she came in with my two dry loads of laundry!

Today, I had an appt with Dr. Fay (GP). When I made the appt., I told them that I would like to try coming into the office rather than him coming out to the apartment. He was going to take some of the staples out of my stomach where they were holding the incision together and I just felt more comfortable if we did this in his office rather than at my place (grin). So, I grabbed a cab and off I went.

Wow... taking the staples out was no problem... I barely felt him doing it. He took about 35 of them out, but left a bunch in where the incision has not quite healed. It is still a bit oozy with serum, but no infection so this is normal. We had a good chat while he was doing this staple removal. I told him that he better check my blood pressure too because after the surgery, the doctors there had cut down my Blood Pressure meds from three pills to one pill, but now that I'm up and moving about, we may have to up the meds again. He took my BP and it was a very healthy 125/70 and this is right after he had removed the staples so technically it should have been higher just out of anxiety of having the staples removed. So he said that we are not going to add more BP meds but will monitor it for the next little while and he may take me off the BP meds completely! YAYAYAYAYA!!

Anywho... found out a bit more. Apparently the tumour was considered a fairly large one (2" X 1") and the nodule was in the same area on the intestine. He said that it will probably be some time before my insides completely settle down because the surgeons really went to town inside me. And then, when I do start the chemo treatment, that is going to probably be kind of rough on my system again. But, he said that he has to really commend me for my attitude and how I've faced this surgery. He said most others would not be able to get through it with such a positive outlook and just taking it in their stride. It's a miserable surgery, and in my case, made even worse by the other stuff they also did and yet here it is two weeks later and I've walked into his office and still have a sense of humour about the whole thing. With that attitude and sense of humour, I will probably get through the chemo treatment a lot easier than most others.

Sooooo, I asked him if I were to start walking again, is it too early, or could I start getting back into my walking. He said that this would be a good thing and to just listen to my body. Whenever I get tired, then I'm not to push it... if the body needs sleep, then give in to sleep. If I'm feeling energy and want to go for a walk, then go for a walk. That was like music to my ears! So, here we are, 2 weeks to the day after surgery, and I walked home from the Doctor's (9 blocks)... stopping in at the Urban Animal Clinic to see my friend, Dr. Joan, and the staff there (Bridget's animal clinic). I also stopped at the drugstore on the way home and Safeway. As I walked the last two blocks home, who should I run into but Mimi and Bridget!

So, starting tomorrow (Saturday), Mimi will walk Bridget in the morning. Mornings are still very slow for me as the pills take awhile to take effect. But I will take Bridget out for her afternoon walkie and again, for a quick one outside before bed.

My stomach actually feels a lot better tonight and I'm thinking that's because of the removal of the staples. It's not quite as tender on the outside. Inside... still tender, but we know that will take some time :)

Soooo.... the rest of the evening is just to laze about and watch some tv or read this week's gossip magazines :)

Have a good weekend!!



Bonnie K said...

Oh Cheryl, your recovery is music to my ears!!!! It's awesome that you are doing so well, and I know you will listen to that body - it will sing out loud and clear when it's had enough, lol :)

Keep on keeping on - you are one amazing woman!!!!!

Sharon said...

Wow! You are doing great! Glad to hear it.

I'm sure Bridget will be in heaven with mommy on the other end of her leash.

Diane said...

SOME of us are going to come thump you upside the head if you keep trying to do so much!

(notice, some of us aren't offering to come do laundry... ;)