Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Dear Journal,

Well, it's Monday... the beginning of another week. The last update was on Friday, so I figured I better get in here and put in another entry. It's soooo easy to get into the habit of letting more and more days fly by and less and less entries. Now what kind of a journal is that, I ask you?? But, I reckon that right now is sort of the lull between the surgery and the followup treatment. Once we get into that, I'm sure I'll have oodles to report on... whether it's interesting to read is quite another story (grin).

The weekend was fun :) Let's see... on Saturday, Steve Street came over and we got chatting for hours. The plan was, we were going to watch a video or two, but do you think I could figure out how to run my DVD player??? I have used it a bunch of times, but for whatever reason, I could not get the picture to display. Obviously, I was missing a simple little setting or the press of a button, but there went our plan of watching any DVD movies. So we just chatted instead.

On Sunday, a couple of things to report. For starters, because both my surgeon and GP are concerned that I may become addicted to the narcotic pain med, Oxycodone (I've been on it since the end of October), I decided, after Saturday night, that my pain level really is manageable and for the most part, below my pain threshold. Now, that doesn't mean I don't have pain, but since it is below my pain threshold then I don't feel it. So I stopped taking the Oxycodone and will be able to report to my doctor that, just as I had predicted, I am NOT addicted to it and there was no problem stopping it. Since not taking it, I've noticed more muscle pain, but that is not unusual after a surgery, so I use my non-narcotic pain med Tramocet and/or some Ibuprofen.

In the afternoon on Sunday, Steve O. and I went to TinselTown to see the movie, "Stomp The Yard". It was quite disappointing. The trailer for this movie was probably the best part of the movie. Yes, there is a lot of stomp dancing in it, but the plot was soooo predictable, you knew exactly what was going to happen from beginning to end. My recommendation... wait until it comes out on TV ;)

Oh, and Sunday night an old friend of mine, Michael Forrest, who I have not seen in 20 years got in touch with me! Well, through email and then I called him. It was one of those things where he had coffee with a mutual friend and happened to ask her if she ever saw/heard from me and of course we had, so when she went home, she sent him my email address. It is soooo good to be back in touch!! He has an even bigger battle to fight with two different kinds of leukemia, yet his attitude is phenomenal! If people thought I had a positive attitude, I wish you all could talk to Michael... he is unbelievable!! Anywho... we are going to get together real soon in person... and that is going to be one get together full of laughter and going over memories from years gone by. I can't wait!

Today... Joan, Mimi, Tamara and I got together at my place and had some tea. Joan was going to go to a movie and she was going to see either The Queen, King of Scotland, or Blood Diamonds. Well, we all yakked to the point it would be too late to get to the matinee of The Queen, which I was interested in seeing. The other two seemed like they would be a little too violent for my liking. But I've now heard that The Queen is disappointing, so I'm going to have to rethink which movies I want to see now and hopefully can catch before the Oscars on Feb 25th ;)

Now, just to change the subject... a friend sent me this link to an article for a cure for cancer and I found it incredibly interesting. One really does have to wonder if there is truth to this, then why ISN'T it headlines and why ISN'T there lots of funding going into this. I will have to do some more searching on the web to see if I can come up with more info about it, but it does sound very interesting.

Ok... time to take the little furry diva out to do her evening business... then I think a nice hot shower is calling to me!!


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Elf DebC/KC said...

Great article Cher. I've forwarded it to everyone I know.